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Humble,Richard AIRCRAFT CARRIERS - the illustrated history. £14.00
Winchmore 1st, 1982; 31 x 24cm, 192pp, f.illus (some col); near fine inc d/w.  
BN: 20978  
Garnstone Press 4th, 1974; 25 x 19cm, 335pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/e. Also - Also - 3rd, 1970;  225pp, ; near fine inc d/w.£8.50.    Also 2nd, fine, vg d/w - £6 Also 4th (card covers) good-vg 3.50  
BN: 22557  
Hunt, William E.  'HELICOPTER' - PIONEERING WITH IGOR SIKORSKY  based on a personal account by William E Hunt  Airlife, 1988; 25 x 19cm, 229pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w 18.00
BN: 40507  
Hurren B.J. PERCHANCE - A short history of British Naval Aviation. £18.00
Nicholson & Watson 1st, 1949; 19 x 13cm, 197pp, 35 photos; vg, near fine d/w.  Also another, without  d/w - 14  
BN: 22558  

Hussey, Ann Krueger & others  A HERITAGE OF SERVICE -  Seventy-Five Years of Military Aviation 1 at Kelly Air Force Base, 1916-1991.  

Office of History, Kelly Air Force Base, Texas, 1992; 29 x 22cm, 300pp, f.illus; PRESENTATION COPY addressed to A.v.M. Richard Kyle & signed by Major Gen. Lewis E.Curtis III, USAF Commander;.near fine inc d/w.  A fine history with nice provenance.
BN: 30893
Huttig,Jack 1927 - SUMMER OF EAGLES - story of an unforgettable summer - airmen in search of gold & glory. £13.50
Nelson Hall, USA, 1980; 27x21cm landscape; 147pp, f.illus; near fine inc d/w. The Lindbergh flight & other long-distance achievements of this "vintage" year.  
BN: 22561  
Irving, Clive WIDE-BODY - the triumph of the 747. £16.00
Morrow, New York 1st, 1993; 384pp, 35 photos, line drgs; fine, nr fine d/w. The story of the total success of the biggest financial initiative in aircraft manufacturing history.  
BN: 27740  
Isaacs, Wg Cdr Keith MILITARY AIRCRAFT OF AUSTRALIA, 1909-1918 - £16.00
Australian War Memorial, 1971; 29 x 22cm, 190pp, col drawings, sketches in text, appendices; vg inc d/w. Good history, nice sketches.  
BN: 27135  
Isby, David C. JANE'S AIR WAR 1 - FIGHTER COMBAT IN THE JET AGE    Harper Collins, 1997; 25 x 20cm, 192pp, f.illus; fine, nr fine d/w 9.00
BN: 42608  

Ivory, Evan  SCENE ON THE GROUND -  an artist's view of historic aircraft.  Castlemead 1st, 1991; 28 x 22cm l'scape; 95pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w

some of the author's delightful paintings & drawings plus notes & explanations about his techniques & methods of working.  
BN: 31961  

Jablonski, Edward   SEAWINGS -   An illustrated history of flying boats.  Robert Hale 1st UK 1974 from USA 1st 1972; 27 x 19cm, 259pp, f.illus,nr fine inc d/w.


BN: 24311

Jackson G.G.  THE SPLENDID BOOK OF AEROPLANES -  Sampson Low c1930; 192pp, 17 photos; vg. £8.00  
elementary but quite well illustrated book.    
BN: 21970    

Jackson G.Gibbard  MODERN AIRCRAFT - Collins c1933; 2cm thick, 3 col plates, 30 photos; cloth faded & minor damage internally, o/w vg. 

Includes military & airline types.    
BN: 32019    
Jackson G.G. THE ROMANCE OF FLIGHT - £12.00
Boys' Own Paper, c1932; 287pp, 32 illus; fine int, sl damp-marked cloth..   Popular style but well-illus. period book with some excellent illustrations.  
BN: 21946  

Jackson, G.G.  THE BIG BOOK OF AEROPLANES -  Humphrey-Milford 1935 23 x 17cm, 160pp, col. frontis and plates; drawings in text.; spine faded, foxing to front endpaper, o/w vg.

Somewhat scarce but attractive juvenile book.
BN: 24288
Jackson, Robert WORLD MILITARY AIRCRAFT SINCE 1945 - £7.50
Ian Allan 1st, 1979; 160pp, photos; nr fine inc d/w.  
BN: 27443  
Jackson, Robert AVRO VULCAN - £15.00
PSL 1st, 1984; 24 x 17cm, 184pp, f.illus (photos, 3-view line drgs); near fine. Full type history.  Also card-cover edn, 1987; fine - £8  
BN: 24185  

Jackson, Robert  THE BERLIN AIRLIFT -  PSL 1988; 24 x 18cm, 157pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.

BN: 23350  
Jackson, Robert SEA HARRIER AND AV-8B - £13.50
Blandford, 1989; 25 x 18cm, 159pp, f.illus (photos,diags); fine inc d/w.  
BN: 23209  
Jackson,Robert THE RED FALCONS - The Soviet air force in action, 1919-1969. £8.00
Clifton Books 1st, 1970; 236pp, 4 plates, ep maps; nr fine inc d/w.  
BN: 21942  

Jackson, Robert  THE ENCYCLOPEDIA OF MILITARY AIRCRAFT -  from 1914 to the present day  Parrqagon 1st, 2001; 27 x 22cm, 384pp, f. illus (photos (some col), col. Side view artwork, picture boards; fine.. 

BN: 32051  

Jane's (King/Taylor)  100 SIGNIFICANT AIRCRAFT, 1909 - 1969 -  Jane's 1st, 1969; 28 x 22cm, 158pp, f.illus (photos, 3-view line drgs, decorated covers; near fine.

Well illustrated selection of descriptions from Jane's "All the World's Aircraft".  
BN: 23523  

Jarrett, Philip  THE COLOUR ENCYCLOPEDIA OF INCREDIBLE AEROPLANES -  Kindersley, 2007; 21 x 18cm l'scape; 360pp, f.illus (partly col); fine

An interesting selection of past types with an attractive DH Comet Racer of the front cover.  
BN: 31928  
Jenkins,Alan C. SKYRIDERS - Man's conquest of the air. £7.50
Blackie 1st, 1975; 253pp, fine inc d/w. Selection of extracts from earlier writers; fact, fiction, myth & personal memoirs.  
BN: 21757  
 Jensen,Paul (Ed'r)  THE FLYING OMNIBUS -
 Cassell 1st, 1953; 338pp; vg, fair d/w.  Extracts from some of the best aviation writing including some quite scarce items - cheap way to read a good selection.  
 BN: 21868  

Jerram, Michael F.  ANTIQUES OF THE AIR -  

New English Library 1st, 1980; 29 x 22cm, 192pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.  Illustrated description of the flying aircraft in various collections
BN: 26737
Jerram, Mike THE WORLD'S CLASSIC AIRCRAFT - And the view from the pilot's seat - from canvas to Concorde. £10.00
Herridge 1984 edn of Muller 1st, 1981; 29 x 22cms, 189pp, f.illus (some colour), good photos; near fine inc d/w.  
BN: 22575  

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