Gibbs-Smith C.H.
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Forrester,Larry SKYMEN - heroes of fifty years of flying. 7.50
Collins 1st, 1961; 256pp, 26 illus; vg, torn d/w. "A book about pilots", covering pioneer period, WW 1, Cobham, Earhart, WW 2 etc.  
BN: 21755  

Foster J.A.  SEA WINGS -  A pictorial history of Canada's Waterborne Defence Aircraft.  Methuen, Canada, 1986; 26 x 21cm, 143pp, pictorial; fine inc d/w.

BN: 24984  

Foster J.A.  FOR LOVE AND GLORY -  a pictorial history of Canada's Air Forces.  McClelland & Stewart, Canada, 1989 1st; 26 x 20cm, 144pp, pictorial; fine inc d/w.

BN: 28493  
Franks, Norman AIRCRAFT VERSUS AIRCRAFT - The illustrated story of fighter pilot combat since 1914. £12.00
"Bantam Press, 1986; 27 x 21cm, 192pp, f.illus (photos, drgs, large tactics diags); near fine inc d/w. Interestingly illustrated description of the evolution of air fighting tactics from WW 1 to the present. "  
BN: 26188  


Souvenir 1st,1979; 351pp, 13 illus; fine, near fine d/w.  Compelling account of psychic phenomena concerning lost airmen - e.g. Hinchliffe, (who disappeared over the Atlantic) and the crew members of the R101 - compulsory reading for the curious and open-minded!.
BN: 23316

Futrell, Robert F.  THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE IN KOREA, 1950-1953 -  Office of Air Force History, 1st edn, 1961; 25 x 18cm, 773pp, f.illus; extensive notes, biblio; cloth sl damp-stained, torn d/w.

Typically detailed official history.  
BN: 29757  


Long 1st, 1936; 282pp, 20 illus; fine int; cloth sl marked;; rather scarce.  Highlights of aviation history, mainly British..  
BN: 22526
Gardner, Charles (Ed'r)  FIFTY YEARS OF BROOKLANDS -  Heinemann, 1956; 160pp, many photos; vg. (one cutting tipped-in at page 45) 18.00  
Almost two thirds devoted to aviation and the industry at Brooklands; many good photos of both flying and motor racing; still one of the best books to combine the aviation and motor aspects of the famous place.    
BN: 21238    
Gardner,Charles BRITISH AIRCRAFT CORPORATION - a history. £10.00
Batsford 1st,1981; 304pp, 38 photos; period 1960-77; fine inc d/w.  
BN: 22528  
Gero, David FLIGHTS OF TERROR - aerial hijack & sabotage since 1930. £15.00
PSL 1st, 1997; 25 x 19cm, 172pp, f.illus (photos & maps); nr fine inc d/w.  
BN: 30221  

Gething, Michael J.  SKY GUARDIANS -  Britain's Air Defence 1918-1993.   A & A.P.1st, 1993; 26 x 19cm, 224pp, f.illus, biblio; near fine inc d/w.

Review of the trends and technical developments.  
BN: 32018  

Gibbs, Philip    THE NEW ELIZABETHANS -  Hutchinson 1st, 1953; 216pp, 30 photos ; vg, good d/w. 

Foreword by Neville Duke; Well-written account of the 1950s scene and the prospects for the youth of the day, with a 30-page chapter on aviators  
BN 31975  

Gibbs-Smith, C.H  THE NEW BOOK OF FLIGHT -  

OUP 1st, 1948; 25x19cm, 288pp, f.illus; vg+;.  Contains excellent articles on current and past aviation (e.g Smith on "Rocketry", Lord Ventry on Airships), early jets, etc; also useful chronology of aeronautics.
BN: 22529

Gibbs-Smith,Charles H.  AVIATION - an historical survey from its origins to the end of WW 2.

HMSO (science Museum) 1st, 1970; 316pp, 128 figs, good biblio, glossary, appendices; fine inc d/w in delivery box;..  First half on  the pre-WW 1 period but with short chapters on later aviation up to and including WW 2. Full of well researched detail, bibliography, glossary & chronology.  Also another, author-signed, o/w fine, good d/w - 24; Also - 2003 version of 2nd; now 25 x 18cm, 304pp, picture boards; fine - £15
BN: 22531
Gibbs-Smith C.H.,Lacey, Tuck & O'Dea AERONAUTICS - £7.50
HMSO (Science Museum), 1966; 16 x 16cm, 165pp, colour illus; fine, vg d/w.80 col. plates (of models, engines, ephemera & posters) with commentary on each - an original way of illustrating the history of aviation. Small but nice!  
BN: 25223  

Gibbs-Smith C.H.  FLIGHT THROUGH THE AGES -  Hart-Davis, Macgibbon, 1974; 30 x 27cm, 240pp, col views &m line drgs; fine inc d/w (still ( n original delivery box)

Illustrating historical highlights selected by this renowned aviation author and historian. Attractive presentation.  
BN: 31892  
Gibson, Michael AVIATION IN NORTHAMPTONSHIRE - an illustrated history. £35.00
Northants Library, 1982; 28 x 22cm, 360pp, f.illus (photos of aircraft, airfields etc); An excellent production, now hard to find; with author's signature - near fine, vg d/w .Also - without signature - 25  
BN: 21072  

Gilbert, James  THE GREAT PLANES - Hamlyn 1st, 1970; 30 x 22cm, 251pp, f.illus (much col); vg inc d/w.

Almost fully pictorial, covering all periods.  
BN: 25924  

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