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Fiction - World War 2

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Adam, Wg Cdr Ronald ("Blake") READINESS AT DAWN - the veil lifted from a fighter station's operations room. £12.00
Gollancz 1st 1941; 144pp, 16 photos; nr fine, vg d/w.By ex-RFC Camel pilot in WW 2 ops rooms; characters imaginary, incidents based on fact.  
BN: 28759  
Adam, Wg Cdr Ronald ("Blake")     WE RENDEZVOUS AT TEN -  Gollancz 1st (7th Imp), 1942; 160pp, 16 photos; near-vg, 16.00
Fighter pilot stories; characters imaginary, incidents based on fact.  
BN: 22041  
Michael Joseph 1942, 18x12 cms, 295pp; nr fine, vg d/w.Gladiators versus the Italians & Germans over Greece. Also - g-vg (without d/w) £7.50  
BN: 28278  

Ayling, Keith  R.A.F. -  The story of a British fighter pilot.  Holt USA 1st, 1941; 332pp, 21 photos of R.A.F. activities; vg.

Written by ex-RFC pilot, based on the picture he saw of the RAF in early WW 2: Scarce.  
BN: 23108  
Barnes, Derek Gilpin CLOUD COVER - Recollections of an Intelligence Officer. £16.00
Rich & Cowan 1st, 1943; 176pp, reproductions of pictures by A.K.Lawrence; vg+. Author presentation copy dedicated and signed.Memories of many of the pilots the author knew.Other cheaper copies available.  
BN: 23520  
Brennan D. NEVER SO YOUNG AGAIN - 10.00
Allen & Unwin 1st, 1943; 19x13 cms, 242 pp ; vg (spinecloth sl faded)                    also another ( The Right Book Club, 1944); vg inc d/w. £12.  Love story involving an American in RAF Bomber Command.  
BN: 28234  
Cunningham A. TUMULT IN THE CLOUDS - £8.00
Reter Davies 1st, 1953, 18x12 cms, 206pp; vg+ but spine faded.Based on articles written for RAF Quarterly, a story based around Malta & the Sicily campaign.  
BN: 28281  
Deighton,Len GOODBYE MICKEY MOUSE - £7.50
Book Club edn, 1983; 352pp; nr fine inc d/w.Novel about US Fighter Pilots over Europe, flying Mustangs escorting the 8th.  
BN: 21322  

Facos, James  THE SILVER LADY -  Atheneum, USA, 1st, 1972; 279pp; fine inc d/w.

WW 2 American bomber crew in the UK.  
BN: 31334  
Fleming, P. THE FLYING VISIT - £7.00
Cape 1940; 128pp, David Low sketches in text. vg.A tale of Hitler's landing in Britain and his subsequent return home!.  
BN: 24707  
Forsyth R.A. SQUADRON WILL MOVE - £12.00
MacMillan 1st,1947, 19x13 cms, 311pp; vg+.  
BN: 28275  

Fosburgh, Hugh  VIEW FROM THE AIR -  Scribners, USA 1st, 1953; 295pp; nr fine, ragged d/w.

Story of the crew members of a bomber "The Upstairs Maid" through their trainingand war in the Pacific theatre - a study of their characters.  
BN: 31335  
Graves, Charles SEVEN PILOTS - £5.50
Hutchinson c1943; 19 x 13cm, 176pp, 17 photos; vg int, bdg sl loose.Sequel to The Thin Blue Line & The Avengers - the third of four true-life novels of the WW 2 RAF.  
BN: 24150  
Graves,Charles THE THIN BLUE LINE - £6.00
Hutchinson, 1941; 240pp, 8 photos; nr vg.Story of 7 youths who joined the RAF; first of the series of four.  
BN: 23111  

Griffin, Alexander R.  A SHIP TO REMEMBER -  the Saga of the Hornet. Howell Soskin USA 1st, 1943; 288pp; nr fine.

U.S. aircraft carrier war - Torpedo Squadron 8.  
BN: 31340  

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