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Fiction - Pre 1914

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Brereton, Lt Col F.S.  THE GREAT AEROPLANE -  Blackie (this edn nd) from 1911 original; 396pp, 4 plates; near fine.

BN: 31124
 Strang,Herbert  KING OF THE AIR - or - To Morocco in an aeroplane   £12.50
 Frowde, 1908 (from 1907 US original); 272pp, 4 col plates; Frowde booklist at rear; good-vg (spinecloth faded & chipped).  Also 1923 edn - vg - £10  
 BN  21411

Strang, Herbert  ROUND THE WORLD IN SEVEN DAYS -  Oxford University Press 1933 (from 1910 original) , , 295pp, 1 vg except lacks fep; , spine sl faded. 

The fictional story of Sir Charles Thesiger Smith's flight round the world .Flying from England across Europe to Persia, India, Australia, America, Canada and home.  
BN: 28776

Strang, Herbert  THE AIR SCOUT -  Oxford University Press 1918 edn, 13x18 cms, 431pp; binding loose & cloth faded/marked. Very much a reading/ reference copy.

Written in 1912 about a future war with references to the Chinese.
BN: 28779

Verne, Jules  THE CLIPPER OF THE CLOUDS -  Sampson Low c1914; 176pp, 6 col plates;; sl.foxing, o/w vg.

Ends with statement that the future of aerial locomotion belongs to the aeronef and not the aerostat. Also another with 2 monochrome plates; & nice cloth line drgs (school prize) -  5  
BN: 23086
Verne, Jules DROPPED FROM THE CLOUDS - £15.00  
Sampson Low "Author's Copyright edn", nd; 168pp, col frontis; picture boards; vg except lacks "half-title page".
BN: 28781
Verne, Jules FIVE WEEKS IN A BALLOON - £15.00  
Sampson Low, undated; 19 x 13cm, 300pp; the "copyright" edn with the attractive "Brighton pavilion" cover; sl foxing, o/w vg.Adventure story (trans from French) of ballooning over Africa.Also undated edn by Ward Lock; spine sl loose, some foxing. £6  
BN: 26814

Westerman, Percy F.  THE DREADNOUGHT OF THE AIR -  

Partridge 1931 Imp (from 1914 ist) ; 382pp, col frontis ; vg.    Typical Westerman boy's adventure story - very "period".
BN: 26291


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