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 Aermacchi  Glossy Brochures  MB 339C, MB 339K & MB 339FD Jet Multi-role Aircraft  

glossy foolscap brochures, approx 24pp each with col photos, diags & details of the type in training & ground attack roles.  Also similar brochure on the AMX "dedicated attack aircraft" 5.00 each
BN: 30677

Aerospatiale  General Company Press Folder, Farnborough 1988.

Press details  covering Panther, Gazelle, Ecureuil, Dauphin & Super Puma helicopters. Hard covers, ring-bound. (few pages sl damp-affected)  Also col photo of AR 42 regional transport - 1.
BN: 30679
Armee de l'Air  CARTOUCHE DORE - 2000  (Brochure from the Armee de l'Ait aerobatic Team, Cognac)   Paper covers, 21 x 21cm, 16pp, pictorial inc dimensioned 3-view drgs of the TB 30 Epsilon. Fine. 4.50
BN: 42122  

Armstrong Siddeley Aero Engines  c1955 A4 20pp catalogue ; inc cutaway of Saphire & photos of user aircraft -

A.V.Roe & Co   TEN SIGNIFICANT YEARS 1941-1951  c1951; card covers, 21 x 13cm, l'scape; 12pp; lacks staples, o/w vg 3.50
BN: 42114  

Bedek Aviation  COMPANY BROCHURE -  (Israel Aircraft Industries Ltd.)

undated French language ring-bound brochure, 30 x 20cm, 46pp, showing the company's aviation services including aircraft modification & servicing, engine testing, instruments, electronics etc.
BN: 30701

British Aerospace HS 125

"Executive Excellence" 8pp extract from Air Enthusiast (inc some col); fine - £3

 "125 Provisional Performance" - (1983) 40pp; fine - £4

11 colour photos (flying & interiors) & 1 copy of 125 News  4

B.A.C.  JAGUAR -  

 illustrated article from Interavia of 9/1973 - 33 x 23cm, 16pp, photos, engine details, nav. & weapon system details; fine - £3; Also - 8-page article from "Air & Cosmos" "Jaguar in the French Air Force" (Jun 1973); fine - £3; Also -(4 BAeC Information sheets & 6 23 x 15cm photos on hard card - £5 the lot..)
BN: 27519

British Aerospace  BAC 167 STRIKEMASTER -  Reprint of Flight article (12 Oct 1972) inc cutaway drg, 3-view line drgs& photos) fine  

Also BAC 145/167 sales folder (photo, 3-view dimensioned drg, data; French language) - £3;  Also - BAeC information sheet, re training uses in New Zealand & Oman; fine - £2

British Aircraft Corp'n  BAC LIGHTNING -  

4.00 es
  Reprinted articles from magazines;   from The Aeroplane 1961   "Ligtnings for the Royal Air Force" 8pp inc enormous cutaway (60 x 30cm)  ;   from Flight - "Lightning - the best fighter in the world" ;  from Flight - "Strike Lightning" 10pp inc cutaway drg  ;  BN 30880   

British Aerospace (Hawker Siddeley)  HS 1182  Ground attack Trainer

glossy brochure, 1973; 30 x 21cm, l'scape, 32pp, col photos (some full-page),, cockpit photos, line diags, cut-away of engine, performance details; fine.   ; Also - Press release file on the debut of the Hawk for the Red Arrows, inc photos & programme; fine - 6;; Also -  brochures on "Hawk 200" £5. Also "Hawk News" May 1985; fine = £5.
BN: 27951

British Aerospace HAWK 200 INFORMATION PACK -   audio cassette & slide presentation in soft card box.    UBN 31209    


Chance-Vought "The Corsair Story" (undated 8pp 28 x 21cm, nicely illus with drgs)

Also "Chance-Vought News" illus Cutlass & some historic photos of Corsair & earlier aircraft 3.50; also 3pp press release on the Cutlass 2  

Cierva Autogiro Co C.19 c1930s; 27 x 21cm, 12pp, photos, drgs, cut-away drg; fine except holes punched for filing        Also 12pp brochure on the Cierva C 30


Dassault-Breguet ALPHA-JET - Press Kit

 3  brochures on the Alpha-Jet inc one marked "Dassault-Breguet Dornier in English; £3 ea. Also - glossy brochure on the MIRAGE (1987, 36pp, line drgs, col photos; French lang only; fine - 8. Also - 1cm thick general brochure on all Dassault's products ( French +,English ) - 15  Also - General Company brochure from 39th Salon  illustrating all the company's products vg - 15' Also - 2 edns of general 48pp brochure c1988; vg - 5 ea.Also 40pp brochure "30 ans d'aviation de combat " 9

Dassault Breguet 'Informations' 5 issues Nos 44, 47, 48, 49 & 52from 1980/81 with details of the company's products  3 ea; also folding poster on the Atlantic 1
BN: 28976

General Dynamics/Lockheed  F-16 FIGHTING FALCON -  Program Overview  

1990 card-cover, ring-bound booklet, 28 x 21cm l'scape, 116pp detailing the whole F-16 programme with diags, comprehensive equipment details, Mark numbers and variations; vg   also - 2 other r col brochures (28 x 22cm l'scape & 26pp, all-col ; photos inc cockpit layout, - fine - 7 ea.
BN: 25570

General Electric, Aircraft Engine Group  J101 ADVANCED TECHNOLOGY BYPASS TURBOJET  

C1974 12pp brochure ; fine.  Also - F404 Augmented Low Bypass Turbofan engine; 20pp illustrated brochure; fine - £6; Also - TF34-GE-100A HSLI as used on Fairchild/Republic Thunderbolt II; 8pp brochure, fine - £5
BN: 24738

Hawker Siddeley Dynamics  FOLDED POSTER OF PRODUCTS -  Eight A4 folder pages opening as poster illustrating aircraft (Nimrod, Buccaneer, Harrier, HS 125, Airbus A 300B, HS 748 etc), weapons, satelites, propellers etc.   Also a set of 7 press release sheets for the PARIS SHOW 2

BN: 31957  

Hawker Siddeley  Harrier   

Early 4pp folder(30 x 21cm)  inc col 3-view artwork & col diag or engine on the "P.1127 - First in the World Operational V/STOL Close Support Aircraft  Also - 20pp brochure "The New Weapon" 5 Also 'V/STOL and the CV' by the US Marine Corps (re USA use of Harrier developments) (8pp article)  3  
BN: 27651

Hughes Aircraft Co  PRODUCT BROCHURE -  

C1967 collection of technical data sheets on space & other equipment, each with a 25 x 20cm (10" x 8") photo print, diags etc;   Equipment illustrated include Intelsat II, Surveyor 3, Early Bird, Syncom Phoenix Missile system etc. Also a foolscap 6-page typescript tender Specification for the Hughes 300 Helicopter dated 1964; £2.50
BN: 30700

Isreali Air Force  THE ISRAELI AIR FORCE MUSEUM -  Undated brochure, 22 x 22cm, 24pp; photos of exhibits; vg

BN: 31564
Lockheed Aircraft JETSTAR - £3.00
wallchart, 1m x 70cm with details of equipment, performance & large picture; fine  
BN: 26066

McDonnell-Douglas    F-15 EAGLE  

- "Eagle Air Superiority" (8pp folder with good illus) fine -
BN: 31009


£4.00 ea
small brochures on Apache, T45TS & C-15 - Also -  & Model 188E - 3.
BN: 30827

McDonnell Douglas  F/A-18 HORNET STRIKE FIGHTER  

undated 30pp col brochure 28 x 22cm l'scape; inc photos, 3-view line drgs, performance data etc; fine  Also 2 others, , 18pp & 14pp; fine - £4 ea; also ring-bound brochure on the F/A-18E/F showing weaponry & operational use; fine - £5 Also - Fighter/Attack Aircraft 1980, (20pp featuring the F-4 Phantom, F-15 Eagle, F-18 Hornet & AV-88 Harrier) fine - 5.
BN: 30828

MTU Aero Engines Company Report, Summer/Autumn 2005; 54pp inc many good col illus, engine cutaways etc; A good record of the company's products


Mitsubishi Aircraft Int.  PRESS PACK -  MU-2L & MU-2M  

15 loose pages of description & photo; one example in French, one in German lang.
BN: 30708

Musee de l'Air (Paris)  MUSEE DE L'AIR - CATALOGUE DES APPAREILS D'AVIATION -  Feb 1962.  card covers, ring-bound, 8vo, 38pp, sepia photos; nr fine.

Historic record of the museum as it was at Chalais-Meudon.
BN: 32001

Napier  ORYX ENGINE -  

 Reprint from The Aeroplane 1955 on the Oryx Gas Generator in Hunting Percival's P 105 helicopter project - £2.50; also 2 brochures on "Oryx"  and one on the Convair 340 Turbo-prop conversion using the Eland N.El.6 engines - 3 ea; also torn copy of the Napier wall chart showing Eland, Deltic, Gazelle & Scorpion rocket engine - £2.
BN: 30707


Undated 26 x 26cm folder with photo & artwork in company envelope.  Also smaller (21 x 20cm), 4pp brochure on the T-38 Supersonic Jet Trainer - £3
BN: 30714
Omnipol DATA SHEETS - £4.00
foolscap duplicated sheets on the Czech aircraft offered by Omnipol at the Brno fair of 1972 (L-410 Turbolet, Zlin Z 42, Z 43, Z 526F, 526L, 526AFS & parachutes).   Also - Colour brochure on Turbolet L.410 (1971; 30 x 20cm, 18pp, col photos, line drgs; German language; fine - £4  
BN: 28978
Panavia Aircraft TORNADO - 4.00
 "Tornado Report", June 1993 on handover of the last Tornado to the RAF, 12pp, col photos, ; fine - £4; Also "Tornado Wins Again" fold-out account of SAC Competition of 1985 - £3.; Also several articles extracted from R.Ae.S Journal, Asian Defence Journal, etc - £1.50 ea (ask for details). Also small c1970 booklet on the "MRCA" Project - 3 & Oct 1985 "Tornado News"  2 and BAC Information sheet on the Tornado  - 1.50.  
BN: 30715

 Patrouills de France PATROUILLE DE LA FRANCE -  1987. 21 x 21cm, 36pp booklet (mostly colour) showing the aerobatic team in action; French & English lang; fine.    UBN 31207     

BN: 30829

Rockwell Aviation Div  PRESS RELEASE -  

 folder containing col photos of Sabre 60 & 75A and a brief history of Airway Aircraft leading to the latest flight inspection Rockwell Jet Commanders.
BN: 30718


Undated brochure illustrating Proteus marine engines; Spey applications (Corsair, Buccaneer, Phantom, Nimrod etc; Pegasus in Sea Harriers, Gem & Gnome helicopter engines; missiles etc; 30 x 21cm, 20pp; fine.   Also R-R brochure on Spey Industrial Gas Turbines; 18pp, fine - £6; Also - 28 x 22cm sales brochures on the DART and DERWENT 15 & 14pp resp & NENE (16pp); inc excellent col cutaways; vg-fine £7 ea. All most attractive with col diags 
BN: 30591

Rolls-Royce Ltd  ROLLS-ROYCE JET ENGINES - DERWENT  28 x 22cm, 16 page brochure with col cut-away drgs of engine & systems; also other photos; , vg. 

Attractive original company brochures.      Also - 4pp folder on the Soar engine  4
BN: 26296
Rolls-Royce 'JET PROPULSION - SERVICE EXPERIENCE & RESEARCH'  a 40pp lecture by L.G.Dawson (T.S.D. Pub 254) f.illus & attractive . 5/00

Rolls-Royce PUBLICITY POSTER  -   1984 30 x 20cm folder, unfolding to 80 x 60cm poster showing jet engines, user aircraft, ships etc; fine.    BN 31208  Also - similar from 1966 covering aircraft engines & their user aircraft, diesel engines, cars, nuclear propulsion etc; fine - £3.50   Also - "How the jet engine works" 20 x 20cm 4pp folder with nice col sectioned drg; vg - 4; Also folding 12pp brochure from 1958 illustrating engines, user aircraft types, cars, railcars etc; vg - 3


Rolls-Royce  THE JET ENGINE -  RB 211 524G/H Model.   Fold-out double-A4 page showing (in colour) engine components for cutting out with separate sheet of instructions for assembly into a paper model -

an unusual company publicity item.    Also - similar "Tay Model engine" - 3.50  
BN: 31958  


3.00 set
Press details (single sheets) on the Aircraft factories UTVA, JASTREB (aircraft & sailplanes), & Elan (sailplanes) 
BN: 30722

Shorts  SHORT AIRCRAFT - TUCANO T Mk 1 - Flight Safety Review  (30pp foolscap report


Stits PLAYBOY & FLUT-R-BUG - single-sheet data posters; drgs, photos, data; fine

£2.50 ea
BN: 28743


Sales & Technical Brochures from UK component companies - AC Plugs(USA c1979), Aero Research adhesives, Air Target acoustic MDI Systems, BP Fuelling, Bendix Index of Catalogues, Champion Plugs (USA 1974), CIBA Adhesives inc 'Aerodux in Vimy replica' , ,Cobham filtration,  Dowty Fuel Systems, Fairey equipment, Hobson Control Units, Humatic Fluid Controls, Irvin parachutes,,  Jacks Heinz  Rotomotive (Starters etc), Lockheed flying Controls, Prestolite, Purolator, Raychem cables etc, Rotax Jet Electrics,  Sloane helicopter service,, Texas lubrication;  Vickers simulation, Whitworth Data Recorders; ; details on request.
BN: 30476
Vickers  4pp folder "Vickers Aircraft" (illus inc products Vimy to Scimitar) 2 2.00
Westland  Helicopters.    6pp folders on Scout & Wessex 50 & Wessex 60 - 2.50 ea. ; Also - general brochure -  & Westland Sea King 3 ea;
BN: 27528



Bede Aircraft  BEDE - bd-4 & bd-6 HOMEBUILD AIRCRAFT -  Plans, detail drawings & Information handbooks.    File of technical letters, drawings, plans & data (inc BD-4 Information handbook - total 3cm thick.

BN: 31575

Bushby Aircraft Inc.  The MIDGET MUSTANG -  Envelope containing drawing & wing section plus some details mrked "Stolp Starduster Corp." 

BN: 31580

Experimental Aircraft Association   E.A.A. BIPLANE -  Large envelope containing large plans,, photo and an article on the "Model P"

BN: 31579

Jurca, Marcel   MARCEL JURCA HOME-BUILD DESIGNS -  Die-line prints (approx 80 x 60cm); one for each design; some repeated in French language; showing GA and details, notes etc; types;- MJ 5 Sirocco (2 sheets); MJ77 Gnatsum (reduced-scale Mustang)(2 sheets); MJ 10 Spit (reduced-scale Spitfire); MJ 2 Tempete (2 sheets); MJ 8 "One-Nine O" (based on the FW 190-A5) ; MJ 9 (based on the Me 109); MJ 51 Sperocco ; MJ 12 "PEE 40" (based on the Curtiss P-40); MJ 6 "Creevats"

BN: 31583

Ran Aircraft Factory Inc.  LONG-EZ PLANS ETC    Mutarch 1980 Book of plans (ring-bound, (43 x 28cm, 2cm thick) plus Long-EZ Section IIL building instructions plus 14 sheets of detail drgs (these not marked with any makers name but presumed to be for the Long-Ez) ; Also an Owner's Manual for the Long-Ez dated May 1980.l

BN: 31581

Varieze  VARIEZE MANUFACTURING MANUAL ETC  1 envelope containing typed manufacturing manual (40 x 28cm, 37pp with sketches)

BN: 31577

Wittman S.J.  WITTMAN W10 HOME-BUILD AIRCRAFT -  Envelope containing plan & detail drawings (9 sheets) of this small sportplane.

BN: 31578


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