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Biographical - softcover

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Alington, Geoffrey  A SOUND IN THE SKY -  Reminiscences 7.50
Hudson 1st, 1994; card covers, 233pp, 41 photos; fine.,  
BN: 34467  
Anderson, James (as told to Jim Reardon)  ARCTIC BUSH PILOT -  from Navy Combat to flying Alaska's northern wilderness.   Epicenter Press, 2000; card covers, 256pp, many photos; fine. 12.00
BN: 31161  

Bellis H.  AMY JOHNSON -  Newnes "Women of Renown" Series; card covers, 18 x 12cm, 48pp, 13 photos, map; some pages sl damp-marked, o/w vg.

BN: 31162  

Clegg, Peter V.  AVRO TEST-PILOTS SINCE 1907 -  Vol 1; Alliott Verdon-Roe to "Sam" Brow  n.  GMS 1st, 1997; card covers, 30 x 21cm, 200pp, f.illus, chronology, lists of tests etc; fine.

BN: 30261  

Curtis, Lettice  WINGED ODYSSEY -  Mary, Duchess of Bedford - a flying biography  Air Research Pubs , 1993; card covers, 258pp, photos, maps; fine.

Biography of the famous pre-WW 2 pilot by the ATA pilot and author of "The Forgotten Pilots".  
BN: 31828  

Earhart, Amelia  THE FUN OF IT -  Random records of my own flying & of women in aviation.   Academy Chicago Publishers 3rd printing, 1984 from 1977 1st; card covers, 218pp, 31 illus; vg.

BN: 32015  

Frisbee, John L.  MAKERS OF THE UNITED STATES AIR FORCE - Office of Air Force History USAF, 01987 (USAF Warrior Studies) ; card covers, 347pp, many photos in text; vg.

Biographical chapters on a variety of executives & commanding generals.  
BN: 28361  
Guttery T.E.  RICHARD SHUTTLEWORTH -  Hiks Thirty one mettlesome Years.  Author-pub, undated; card covers, 21 x 15cm, 28pp, 8 illus; fine 7.50
bn: 34665  
Hurley, Alfred F. BILLY MITCHELL - Crusader for air power. £8.00
Indiana Univ. Press, card cover edn, 1975 (from 1964 original); 190pp, 17 photos; near fine.  
BN: 28992  
Kingston-upon-Hull City Council  SILVERED WINGS -  Amy Johnson Festival - A Commemorative Brochure;    Hull, 1980; card covers, 24 x 20 l'scape, f.illus (photos, side elevartions of aircraft); fine 9.00
BN: 34320  

Lewis,Cecil  GEMINI TO JOBURG -  true story of a flight over Africa:   Penquin card cover edn, 1985; fine.

1947 flight in Miles Gemini by famous author of "Sagittarius Rising".  
BN: 22272  

Livock G.E.  TO THE ENDS OF THE AIR    HMSO p/back, 1973; 204pp, 35 illus inc maps; near fine.

RNAS & RAF, 1914-1930 memoirs; much on flying boats inc the 1927 Far East Flight to Australia.  
BN: 22017  

Mitchell, Gordon  R.J.MITCHELL -  Schooldays to Spitfire    Card-cover edn of Nelson & Saunders 1st, 1986; 25 x 19cms, 350pp, many illus; near fine inc d/w Author-signed dedication to Raymond Baxter; also apparently signed by Lady Bader.

Edited and part-written by R.J.Mitchell's son, with contributions by Sir George Edwards, Quill, Henshaw, Johnson, Deere, Lettice Curtis & others. Also another, just signed by author vg - 18  
BN: 24094  
 Sleight, John  SMALL ENOUGH TO CONQUER THE SKY -  Jim Denyer, "Nr Newcastle Airport"  City of Newcastle City Libraries, 1993; card covers, 152pp, many photos, (some col); near fine.   £9.00
 After a WW 2 career as a night-fighter pilot, in No 29 Mosquito Squadron, Denyer became Director of Newcastle Airport. This is the story of that airport (including  some pre-war history) and Jim Denyer's career there.   
BN:  30659  
Travers, J.L., H.G. & C.T. CROSS COUNTRY - £14.00
Hothersall & Travers, 1990; card covers, 25 x 17cm, 602pp, photos in text; fine.Description, from family letters & log books of WW 1, 1920s & 1930s flying experiences; a super view of the period.  
BN: 24905  
Waterman, Waldo Dean with Jack Carpenter  WALDO - PIONEER AVIATOR   A personal history of American Aviation, 1910-1944   Arsdalen Pubs, USA, 1988; card covers, 23 x 15cm, 492pp, many photos; fine (SIGNED BY CARPENTER) 14.00
Waterman was a pioneer aviator,aircraft manufacturer, engineer, barnstormerinventor & test pilot.  
BN: 34226  
Wilson, Eugene E. (Cdr, USNR Ret'd)  SLIPSTREAM - THE AUTOBIOGRAPHY OF AN AIRCRAFTSMAN  Literary Investment Guild 3rd, 1967 (from Whittlesey House 1st c1950; 365pp, unillus; poor ('perfect binding' broken) 9.00
Story of US aviation companies, their development and contributions to US Air Power.  
BN: 41770  

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