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Post,Wiley & Harold Gatty AROUND THE WORLD IN EIGHT DAYS - the flight of the Winnie Mae. £18
Hamilton 1st , 1932; 301pp plus facsimile pages from log-book, 16photos, 1 map; vg int, spinecloth faded. .Also - Aviation Book Club edn, sl foxing, o/w vg inc d/w - £16;  Also - Orion USA card cover edn, 1989; near fine - £9. Also - Aviation B.S. version, sl foxing, o/w vg inc d/w - £16  
BN: 22284
Powell, Sandy (Wing-Cdr H.P. Powell) MEN WITH WINGS - £13.50
Wingate 1st, 1957; 169pp, 33 photos; vg.  Collection of short biographies of 8 test pilots.  
BN: 22285
Powell, Wg Cdr "Sandy" TEST FLIGHT - £15.00
Wingate 1st, 1956; 212pp, 26 photos;.; nr fine, good d/w.  Test flying in the 1950's, partly the author's experiences & partly descriptive of the testing function and other test pilots' roles.  
BN: 22635

Powers, Francis Gary & Curt Gentry  OPERATION OVERFLIGHT -  the U-2 spy pilot tells his story for the first time.  H & S 1st UK edn, 1971; 24 photos, diags; vg, fair d/w.

BN: 30289

Pudney, John  A PRIDE OF UNICORNS -  Richard and David Atcherley of the R.A.F.  Oldbourne 1st, 1960; 240pp, 11 photos; nr fine, good d/w.

Story of the famous brothers, who both reached high rank in the RAF after outstanding service careers; some Schneider Trophy history included.
BN: 21399
 Putnam, George Palmer  SOARING WINGS -  a biography of Amelia Earhart.  Harrap Harcourt Brace USA 1st,1939; 271pp, 26 photos; near fine. Also UK 1st, nr fine - 30   Rather scarce.  £36.00
BN:  23438

Quill, Jeffrey  SPITFIRE -  A Test Pilot's Story.   Murray 1st, 1983; 316pp, photos in text, diags; nr fine inc d/w.

Career story inc RAF 1930s, test flying, Battle of Britain & aircraft carrier experience & much on the detailed development of the various versions of the Spitfire.
BN: 25877


Reid P.R. WINGED DIPLOMAT - life story of Air Comm. "Freddie" West VC. £16.00
Chatto 1st, 1962; 219pp, 34 illus; nr fine, sl ragged d/w.;  West won the VC flying FK 8s of No 8 Sqdn in 1918 & was head of British Air Intelligence in Switzerland in WW 2.  
BN: 22048
Richardson, Anthony THE CROWDED HOURS - The story of "SOS" Cohen. £15.00
Parrish 1st, 1952; 247pp, photo, 4 maps; near fine, vg inc d/w. After an already adventurous career Cohen won the DFC at 69 years of age as a liaison officer with Coastal Command - going on Operations to investigate crew training.  
BN: 21601
Richardson, Gp Capt "Dickie" MAN IS NOT LOST - the log of a pioneer RAF pilot/navigator, 1933-1946. £16.00
Airlife 1st, 1997; 272pp, 33 photos; fine, near fine d/w.The author of AP 1234 describes his service career & colleagues, with a particular navigational slant.  
BN: 27707

Rickenbacker, Edward V.  RICKENBACKER -  an autobiography:  Huchinson UK edn, 1957; , ; 316pp, 29 photos; vg inc d/w, 

This life story covers mainly the authors famous exploits in WW 1 & WW 2, with some motor racing content.
BN: 22288
Robertson, Don THOSE MAGNIFICENT FLYING MACHINES - A pilot's autobiography. £12.00
Blandford 1st, 1984; 28 x 22cm, 160pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/w.   In 42 years of active flying the author flew over 100 types, from the Avro 548 at Brooklands in 1928 to to the early RAF jet aircraft; mostly military flying but including early commercial flying in Northern Canada.  
BN: 25373
Robertson, Don THE URGE TO FLY - from stick and string to Jet Age. £14.00
Quiller Press, 1996; 204pp, 55 photos; fine inc d/w   .Autobiography of a lifelong enthusiast for aviation and especially engines; from early days of Canadian flying to WW 2 test piloting - and many experiences on the way.  
BN: 30044

Ross, David  RICHARD HILLARY -  the definitive biography of a Battle of Britain fighter pilot & author of "The Last Enemy". Grub St, 2000; 399pp, 63 photos, biblio; fine, vg d/w.

BN: 31495


Harper & Row, USA, revised & enlarged edn, 1976 (from 1964 1st); 403pp, 27 photos; fine inc d/w
BN: 30823

Rowe, Captain Basil L. UNDER MY WINGS -  The adventurous autobiography:   Bobbs-Merrill (USA) 1956; 223pp; near-vg (lacks fep & a few neat annotations), fair d/w.

Humourous story of the author's life, flying everywhere and everything, till his retirement at 60 as Chief pilot for Pan-Am.
BN: 22290

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