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McVicar, Don  A CHANGE OF WINGS -  Airlife 1st, 1984; 178pp, sketches in text by L.R.Williams; vg inc d/w 

author's post-war adventures with British West Indian Airways & fur-trading in Canada. 
BN: 23433
 McVicar, Don  MORE THAN A PILOT -   13.50  
 Airlife 1st, 1986; 205pp, drgs in text by Williams;  fine inc d/w;  more post-war flying adventures in Canada & the USA.    
BN:  23435
Mead,Peter SOLDIERS IN THE AIR - the development of army flying. £14.50
Ian Allan 1st, 1967; 224pp, f.illus; near fine inc d/w. Personal memoirs of training & service by the C.O. of 652 Air O.P. Squadron (1951-53), war office Colonel (1958-61) & Brigadier (Army Air Corps) i/c Middle Wallop (1961-64).  
BN: 21764
Middleton, Donald  TESTS OF CHARACTER -  epic flights by legendary test pilots.  Airlife 1st, 1995; 26 x 20cm, 224pp, f.illus, biblio; fine inc d/w. 15.00
BN: 30549
Miller, Ed Mack  MEN OF THE CONTRAIL COUNTRY  Tales of ther men who fly, in peace and war,  Prentice-Hall, USA 2nd print, 1964; 244pp, unillus; nr-vg, good d/w 12.00
'From Lufbery & Rickenbacker in WW 1 to the SAC & NORAD missions of today'

Miller, Francis Trevelyan  LINDBERGH - HIS STORY IN PICTURES -  Putnams USA 1st, 1929 ("Anniversary edition"); 320pp, pictorial; vg near (fine int).

Much scarcer than the matching volume "We" by Lindbergh.
BN: 28146
Miller, H.C  EARLY BIRDS -  Rigby, Australia, 1968; 166pp, 29 photos; fine, sl faded d/w  12.00
Describes the first days of flying in Australia, WW 1 experiences and the start of civil air services after the war.
BN: 22276

Milton, Joyce  LOSS OF EDEN -  a biography of Charles and Anne Lindbergh.  

Harper Collins USA 1st, 1993; 520pp, 36 photos, notes; fine inc d/w.  A new "intimate portrait" of the famous couple.
BN: 29754

Mittelholzer, Walter  BY AIRPLANE TOWARDS THE NORTH POLE -  An account of an expedition to Spitzbergen in the summer of 1923.   A & U 1st, 1925; 176pp, 48 illus, map; vg except lacks plain front ep & cloth damp-marked. 

Using Junkers seaplanes for aerial photography, with some superb examples of the results.
BN: 26646
Mittelholzer, Walter ALPENFLUG - £15.00
Fussli 1st, 1928; 156pp, f.illus; vg int,l acks front endpaper, cloth soiled. Description of alpine flying and a selection of fine photos of the alps taken from the air. Also card cover edn, vg int, covers & spinepaper torn & binding loose; picture f cover partly torn away (but the mountain photos are fine!) - £8.  
BN: 29814

Mollison, J.A    DEATH COMETH SOON OR LATE -  Hutchinson 1st, 1932; 283pp, 16 photos, ep maps; vg.

Story of author's pioneer flights;   v scarce. 
BN: 22097

Montague, Lord, of Beaulieu  ROLLS OF ROLLS-ROYCE -  a biography of the Hon.C.S.Rolls.

Cassell 1st, 1966; 250pp, 60 photos; fine, sl torn d/w.  Covers Rolls' motoring, ballooning & flying activities.
BN: 27562
Moran, Peter A SPECK IN THE SKY - £9.50
Blandford 1st, 1987; 20 x 16cms, 96pp, sketches in text; fine inc d/w. Description of a parachuting & gliding career - very descriptive writing.  
BN: 22278

Mosley, Leonard  LINDBERGH -  A biography:  

H & S 1976 from 1976 USA 1st; 24 x 16cm, 446pp, photos; fine inc d/w.
BN: 22279

Murray, Jennifer  NOW SOLO -  One woman's record-breaking flight around the world -  Mainstream 1st, 2002; 240pp, 44 col photos, maps; fine inc d/w.

First woman to make a round-the-world helicopter flight. 
BN: 31528

O'Brien P.J.  THE LINDBERGHS -  story of a distinguished family.  

Long (UK edn) 1936 (from USA 1st of 1935); 285pp, 39 illus; vg (sl foxing, mainly to page                   edges).  Lindbergh's early career & much about the famous kidnap of his son.
BN: 21908

Olley, Capt G.P.  A MILLION MILES IN THE AIR -  H & S 1st, 1934; 320pp, 17 illus; near fine, ; fair (inract but faded) original d/w  

Describes the early British air transport scene with personal anecdotes.
BN: 21074
Ormes, Ian & Ralph THE SKY MASTERS - £14.00
Kimber 1st, 1976; large 8vo, 224pp, 20 photos, biblio; fine, nr fine d/w. stories of five aviation personalities, less renowned than some but typical of many great contributors; Donald Clappen, Walter Rogers, Lionel Ashburner, Frederick Rice & Ralph White. Good aircraft photos.  
BN: 23314

Pelly-Fry, Gp Capt James  HEAVENLY DAYS -  recollections of a contented airman.  Crecy 1st, 1994; 392pp, 53 photos; fine inc d/w.

In the RAF from 1935, the author flew Valentias in Egypt, commanded bomber squadrons in WW 2 in Europe, decame equerry to King George VI, with further senior appointments later.    
BN: 28353    
Pemberton, Sir Max  THE LIFE OF SIR HENRY ROYCE -  Hutchinson , 1930s; 18 x 12cm, 280pp,unill;ustrated edn; map of Schneider course; vg.  15.00  
Memoirs of the great engineer, including Schneider Trophy .    
BN: 30622    
Penrose, Harald  I FLEW WITH THE BIRDS -  Country Life 1st, 1949; 25 x 19cm, 206pp, 23 illus;; fine inside, sl faded cloth.  25.00  
Rather scarce.    
BN: 34904    
  Penrose, Harald  NO ECHO IN THE SKY -  Cassell 1st, 1958; 135pp, drgs  Keith Shackleton; vg inc d/w 
  Celebrated example of the classic Penrose powers of description - in this book, of his own experiences.
 Penrose, Harald   AIRYMOUSE -  Wren's Park edn; 162pp,  sketches in text by P. Trevor; fine inc d/w. Story of Penrose's Currie Wot, written in his usual very readable style. 13.50
BN:  22281    
Penrose, Harald CLOUD CUCKOOLAND - £13.50
Airlife 1st, 1981; 155pp, sketches in text by D. Gibbings; owner's plate, o/w fine inc d/w. Memoirs, including his Tipsy and Currie Wot, hang-gliding etc.  
BN: 22282  
Penrose, Harald  ARCHITECT OF WINGS -  a biography of Roy Chadwick - Designer of the Lancaster Bomber.  Airlife 1st, 1985; 25 x 19cm, 246pp, f.illus; nr fine inc d/w 15.00
BN: 34909  
Collins 1st, 1977; 201pp; fine, nr fine d/w.The final years in the life of the eccentric billionaire.
BN: 28187

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