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Hagenbach, Arnold PILOT TEX - The adventures of a Californian transport pilot. £10.00
Hamilton 1st, l930s; trans by Sykes; 253pp; 14 photos; vg int,  spinecloth splitting Author's story of flying training & mail flying  Alaso - unillustrated version, vg - £8.  
BN: 24572  
Halliburton,Richard THE FLYING CARPET - £10.00
Bles  ; 1950 reprint 352pp, 16 photos; vg, ragged d/w;  Flights to Africa and The Philippines.  
BN: 21866  
Harley, Jane F. MANTLE OF SAFETY - the Flying Doctor service. £12.00
Hale 1st, 1963; 189pp, 14 photos, map; nr fine, vg d/w. Widely experienced traveller's account of the early days of the Service and its life-saving value.  
BN: 30484  

Harper, Harry  TWENTY-FIVE YEARS OF FLYING -   Impressions, recollections & descriptions.  Hutchinson 1st, 1929; 292pp, 63 photos; vg. 

From the experience of the well-known early chronicler.  
BN: 25701


Harper, Harry  ACE AIR REPORTER -  Scientific Book Club 1st, 1943; 19 x 13cm, 151pp, 13 photos; vg, good d/w. 

Personal reminiscences of Britain's first air reporter.  
BN: 28863  

Harper,Harry  MY FIFTY YEARS IN FLYING -  by the world's first air correspondent.  Associated Newspapers 1st, 1956; 256pp, 31 photos; near fine, vg d/w. 

Much on pre-WW 1 period.  
BN: 21623  
Harvie E.F. GEORGE BOLT - Pioneer Aviator. £25.00
Reed (New Zealand), 1974; 29 x 23cms, 176pp, f.illus; fine, vg d/w. Story of the pioneer of experimental aeronautics before WW 1, chief pilot to the Walsh brothers, trainer of NZ pilots during WW 1, pioneering airmail & charter flying; he was eventually chief engineer of TEAL (precursor of Air New Zealand).  
 BN: 28345  
Hawker H.G. & K Mackenzie-Grieve (Lt Cdr RN)  OUR ATLANTIC ATTEMPT -  Methuen 1st, 1919; 19 x 13cm, 128pp, 14 illus; vg,  24.00

Hotson, Fred W.  THE BREMEN -  Canav Books, Canada 1988; 224pp, photos, maps, 3-view line drgs of the aircraft; biblio; fine inc d/w; author-signed dedication. 

Story of the first East-West flight across the North Atlantic & its landing on a remote Canadian island in the Gulf of St Lawrence, by modified Junkers W 33.  
BN: 28594  


Iliff, Jay  THE DAILY TELEGRAPH AIRMEN'S OBITUARIES -  Book 2   Grub St 2007; 416pp, fine inc d/w; annotated & signed by Air Comm. Graham Pitchfork (writer of the foreword)  

Many famous aviators included in this volume.  Also Book 1 (Bishop); fine inc d/w - 8  
BN: 31962  


Jackson A.S.  PATHFINDER BENNETT -  Airman Extraordinary.  Dalton 1st, 1991; 24 x 18cm, 162pp, f.illes;nr fine inc d/w 12.00
BN: 34711  

Jacob, Fred E. TAKEOFFS and TOUCHDOWNS -  My Sixty Years of Flying  - Barnes, 1981; 224pp, 17 illus; fine, sl torn d/w

Over 7,000 hours of flying including racing, barnstorming - and ww 2.  
bn: 35556  

Johns W.E.(Ed'r)   THRILLING FLIGHTS -  Hamilton 1st c1935 (nd); vg int, spinecloth faded; unillustrated.

A variety of stories by famous pilots & writers, including Strange, Barnard, Barker, Insall, Pauline Gower & William Courtenay (many of WW 1) repeated from features in Popular Flying including one by Johns himself.  
BN: 24077  

Johnson, Amy  SKY ROADS OF THE WORLD -  Chambers 1st, 1939; 314pp, frontis portrait; vg in a   

sound d/w which, however, has a cutting picture of the DH 88 Comet stuck to the front (nice picture but in the wrong place!) ;  Scarce auto-auto-biography of the famous pre-war lady pioneer inc comments on the developing world air routes and some anecdotes from her own experiences. (V scarce with a d/wrapper)  
BN: 24573  

Johnsson, Sigurdur  AUS DEN ANFAENGEN DER VERKEHRSFLIEGEREI "SIGGI" DER FLIEGER -  Walter Zuerl "Flieger-buch", 1976; 95pp plus 90-page photo section; German lang; nr fine inc d/w.

Life story of the first Icelander pilot who was trained as a commercial pilot in Germany in 1928-1930. Well-illustrated picture of this period of German civil aviation  
BN: 30038  
Johnstone, A v.M Sandy CB DFC with Roderic Grant  WHERE NO ANGELS DWELL -  Jarrolds 1st, 1969; ;224pp, 17 photos; good inc d/w 10.00
BN: 34424  

Johnstone,A.v-M. Sandy  ADVENTURE IN THE SKY -  Kimber 1st, 1978; 192pp, 21 photos; fine inc d/w.

Career story, mostly WW 2.  
BN: 20895  
 Johnstone, A.v-M. Sandy  DIARY OF AN AVIATOR -  an autobiography.  Airlife 1st, 1993; 168pp, 23 photos;  fine inc d/w.   £16.00
 Story of the author's career, from Commercial pilot in 1939, command of a Spitfire squadron in 1940, to post-war appointments in Malaya, Borneo and with NATO.  
 BN: 26930  

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