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Douglas-Hamilton, James ROOF OF THE WORLD - Man's first flight over Everest. £16.00
Mainstream 1st, 1983; 25 x 20cm, 192pp, many photos, biblio; fine, near-fine d/w.  
BN: 28587  
Draper, Major C. THE MAD MAJOR - the autobiography of Major Christopher Draper DSC. 30
Air Review 1st, 1962; 231pp, f.illus;  fine,  author-SIGNED  (no d/w)     .  Author served in both world wars; famous for flying under Thames bridges in 1931 and 1953.  -  
BN: 21590  
Driscoll, Ian H. WINGED JOURNEY - 15.00
Johnson 1st, 1947; 220pp, 35 photos, 3 maps; good-vg; (no d/w) rather scarce. Accounts of early post-WW 2 airline flights, with 'fictionalised characters' but photos of real Empire flying boats, Boeing 314s, Constellations, Yorks etc.  
BN: 24982  
Duke, Neville TEST PILOT - £12
Allan Wingate 1st, 1953; 215pp, 29 photos; sl foxing to fep, o/w vg.  Author's flying career including WW 2 Tomahawks & Spitfires and post-war testing for Hawker.  
BN: 21539  

Edwards, Goronwy HEAD IN THE CLOUDS -a young RAF pilot's life in the late '30s. £15.00
Airlife 1st, 1996; 141pp, 18 photos; fine inc d/w. Following the three years prior to 1939 (then still only 20 years old) the author's Coastal Command service included the disastrous Norwegian campaign.  
 Ellis, Herbert  HIPPOCRATES, RN -  Memoirs of a Naval flying doctor:  Hale 1st, 1988; 206pp, 24 photos, 4 diags; fine inc d/w.   £14.50
 Author served with Fleet Air Arm from late 1940's to 1959, dealing with the new problems involved in flying jet aircraft, particularly from carriers.  
BN: 21540  
 Elwes, Jonathan  GLASMOTH -  Moscow and back by Tiger Moth.  Quiller Press 1st, 1990; 31 x 25cm, 160pp, pictorial (some col); fine inc d/w   £17.50
 Excellent photography by Herbie Knott.   
BN:  30641  
Emm, Wilfred THREE DECADES A PILOT - The third generation. £16.00
Spellmount 1st, 1990; 293pp, sketches & maps by author; fine, vg d/w. Life career story, based on the 9 imaginary log books of a typical airline pilot, covering 29 years before, during and after WW 2. Events and conditions real; many characters fictitious.  
BN: 28341  
Falconer, Bolivar Lang  FLYING AROUND THE WORLD -  Stratford, Boston, USA 1st, 1937; 20 x 14cm, 104pp, 32 illus;NR fine.;author signed dedication. 18.00
bn: 34625  

Fellowes, Air Comm. P.F.M., Blacker, Etherton & the Marquis Clydesdale  FIRST OVER EVEREST -  The Houston Mount Everest Expedition, 1933.  Lane cheap edn, 1935 (from 1st, 1933) ; 24 x 17cm, 279pp, 33 photos ;. vg.

Full story of the preparations & flight over Everest by Westland Wallace & PV-3. Vg. (Interestingly, this book has a presentation note on the half-title page from Geo. E Mallory, perhaps a relative of the Geo.E Mallory whi famously died on Everest in 1824)  
BN: 24896  

Finne K.H. IGOR SIKORSKY - THE RUSSIAN YEARS -  Airlife 1st, 1987; 26 x 18cm, 223pp, photos, 3-view line drgs, map etc; fine, near fine d/w.  15.00
Describes the first phase of the famous designer's career; much on the Il'ya Muromets & other types.  
BN: 24091  

Fleming G.D.  BLUE IS THE SKY -  Earl 1st, 1945; 183pp, drgs by author; vg (spinecloth faded) 

Personal memoirs of pre-war African air travel in the RAF and as an airline pilot.  
BN: 23432  

Floyd, Olive  PILOT OFFICER JAMES NEALE THORNE RAF DFC -  Privately published, New York, 1956; 24 x 16cm, 345pp, 83 illus; nr fine.

Memoir of U.S. pilot killed in service with the RAF. Scarce.  
BN: 27565  

Frater, Alexander BEYOND THE BLUE HORIZON -  On the track of Imperial Airways.  William Heinemann 1st 1986; 24 x 16cm; 430pp, 4 maps, near fine inc d/w

Description of the 13,000 miles East bound empire service to Australia and the author's attempt to follow the same route 50 years later using 22 airlines.  
BN: 24315  

Fresson E.E.  AIR ROAD TO THE ISLES -  the memoirs of Captain E.E.Fresson    Rendel 1st, 1967; 278pp, ep maps, photos, sketches in text by John Blake; fine, vg d/w.

Fresson served in the RFC, ran a private flying service in England & Scotland, flew the first aircraft to operate in China; set up Highland & Islands service to the Scottish Islands and ran it through WW 2. Dismissed when BEA took over in 1947 he retired to Kenya. Rather scarce.  
BN: 28589  
Furse, Anthony  WILFRID FREEMAN -the genius behind allied survival and air supremacy 1939-1945.  Spellmount 1st, 2000; 384pp, f.illus, extensive notes; fine inc d/w.  19.50
An essential book for any RAF or WW 2 student, Freeman being perhaps the most important of the WW 2 RAF leaders. His pivotal role in prioritising aircraft types and correcting failures of other senior people is clear in this well-written book.  

Gann, Ernest  FATE IS THE HUNTER - H & S 1st, 1961 (3rd Imp); 352pp, notes; vg inc d/w. (sl foxing to page edges)

Celebrated story of wartime flying in the US airlines.  
BN: 25971  

Gibbs A.M. Sir Gerald   SURVIVOR'S STORY -  Hutchinson 1st, 1956; 182pp, 44 illus; vg, fair d/w.   the genius behind allied survival and air supremacy 1939-1945.the genius behind allied survival and air supremacy 1939-1945.

Career story from WW 1 to publication date; Maurice Farmans to Meteors.  
BN: 21800  

Gilbert,Walter & Kathleen Shackleton    ARCTIC PILOT -  life & work on North Canadian Air Routes   Nelson 1st, 1940; 256pp, 24 photos, map; sl marked library binding; ink annotations to one page & on title page, o/w vg. 

Gilbert's experiences as told to Kathleen Shackleton.  
BN: 21543  
Gill,Brendon LINDBERGH ALONE - May 21, 1927; £12.00
Harcourt Brace 1st, 1977; 26 x 20cm, 216pp, f.illus; fine, nr fine d/w. Biography and the Atlantic flight.  
BN: 21437
Bodley Head 1st UK, 1966 (from US 1st of 1966); 286pp, 18 photos; near fine inc d/w. Story of persistent research leading to the conclusion that A.E. was captured by the Japanese. ALSO - US Doubleday 1st; nr fine, vg d/w - 15  
BN: 21544

Greig, Air Comm. D'Arcy  MY GOLDEN FLYING YEARS -  from 1918 over France through Iraq in the 1920s to the Schneider Trophy Race.   Grub St 1st, 2010; 276pp, 61 photos, appendix of aircraft types flown; fine inc d/w.

Edited & annotated by Norman Franks with Simon Muggleton. Greig was one of the key pilots in the 1929 RAF Schneider Trophy team.

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