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Boyle,Andrew NO PASSING GLORY - the full & authentic biography of Gp Capt Cheshire. £5.00
Reprint Society edn, 1957 (from Collins 1st of 1955); 384pp; near fine, vg d/w. Full biography and study of Cheshire's personality - his two careers as bomber leader and as the pioneer of the Cheshire Homes.  
BN: 21027

Brackley, Frida H.  BRACKLES - Memoirs of a pioneer of civil aviation. 

Mackay 1st, 1952; 695pp, many illus (photos, maps); ex-ref lib with stamps on cover & inside front; cloth badly faded but vg inside.   Describes Brackley's involvement in WW 1 (RNAS & RAF), Atlantic & Capetown flights, life in Japan & the Sempill mission, the development of Imperial Airways; Coastal & Transport Commands in WW 2; BOAC & BSAA post-war. Includes some important bits of aviation history.    
BN: 27997  

Bramson, Alan  PURE LUCK -  The authorised biography of Sir Thomas Sopwith, 1888-1989.  PSL 1st, PSL,1990; 288pp, over 100 photos, appendices; fine inc d/w.

BN: 25476
Bridgeman,William & Jacqueline Hazard   THE LONELY SKY -  Cassell 1st, 1956; 278pp, 15 photos; fine, good d/w. 15.00
Skyrocket test pilot's story.
BN: 21911

Briggs F.S. & S.H.Harris    JOYSTICKS AND FIDDLESTICKS -  the Flying Kangaroo.  Hutchinson 1st (1930s); 222pp, 35 plates; spinecloth faded, o/w vg. 

About one third of book describes WW 1 flying & instructing; followed by fascinating description of post-war pioneer Australian flying.  
BN: 22035  
Brittain, Sir Harry WINGS OF SPEED - 10.00
Hutchinson 1st, 1934; 288pp, 32 illus; vg int, spinecloth faded & marked. Memoirs, with much on the development of airlines.  
BN: 22056  
Brown, Capt Eric  WINGS ON MY SLEEVE -  Barker 1st, 1961; 191pp, 19 photos; vg, sl chipped d/w.   Also - Airlife 1978 edn, (from Barker 1st, 1961); 284pp, 32 photos; vg., good d/w - 14 18.00
Amazing autobiography of test pilot with record-breaking number of types flown - recommended!  
BN: 23719  
Bruce, the Hon. Mrs Victor   THE BLUEBIRD'S FLIGHT -  Chapman & Hall 1st, 1931; 292pp, 46 photos, 4 maps; vg , good d'w (The very scarce d/w is faded & chipped at spine) 45.00
Scarce account by the famous aviatrix of her round the world journey with the Blackburn Bluebird (flying except for the Pacific and Atlantic oceans).  
BN: 22102  

Bruno, Harry  WINGS OVER AMERICA -  Halcyon House USA , 1944 (from 19142 1st) ; 333pp plus 64pp of photos at rear;; vg, with author's SIGNED dedication to "Babs Smith RAF, with the wish for happy landings always" (Constance Babington-Smith) New York, 1945; (Fron C B-S collection) Enclosed a 6-page colouir folder advertising the book.

 A good, well illustrated review of American aviation; many references to people with a chapter on the outstanding personalities of the period.. Bruno, with brother Frank, joined the RFC in Canada in 1917 but seems to have remained in North America during WW 1. The book includes chapters on woman pilots, airship history & the politics of Mitchell & Lindbergh. A valuable history.   Also earlier version, ex-service lib with many stamps at front & rear - 15  
BN: 32120  
Burke, John WINGED LEGEND - the story of Amelia Earhart. £10.00
Barker 1st (UK) 1971 (from USA 1st, 1970); 255pp, 15 photos; ex-lib but generfally vg, sl chipped d/w  
BN: 26926  

Byrd, Richard Evelyn  SKYWARD -  Putnams USA 1st (revised) 1928 ; 18 x 11cm, 359pp, 6 illus; only good (1 plate replaced by photo-copy)

Memoirs of trans-atlantic & polar flights.  
BN: 28584  
 Byrd, Ricgard E.  LITTLE AMERICA -  Putnams USA 1930; 422pp, 70 photos, 4 maps; vg  £35.00
 Aerial exploration in the Antarctic - the flight to the South Pole.  
BN: 30743  
Byrd, Richard E. ALONE - £8.00
Readers Union & Putnam, 1939; 302pp, drgs in text; vg except spine cloth faded & split). Story of Byrd's lonely winter at the advanced base in Antarctica; not really an aviation book but has relationship with his other polar exploration books in which flying figured essentially.  
BN: 26903  
Cadogan, Mary WOMEN WITH WINGS - female flyers in fact and fiction. £17.50
McMillan 1st, 1992; 24 x 16cm, 280pp, photos, cartoons, sketches, good biblio; fine inc d/w. From ballooning to space girls.  
BN: 28585  
Carter I.R. SOUTHERN CLOUD - £14.00
Angus & Robertson 1st, 1964; 168pp, photos, maps, biblio; vg , chipped d/w.The story of Kingsford Smith's "Southern Cloud", its flights, disappearance and discovery.Also another, ex-lib with stamps etc at front only; vg - £8.  
BN: 22258  
Clouston, A.Comm A.E.  THE DANGEROUS SKIES -  Cassell, 3rd 1954; 187pp, photos; vg. 12.00
Includes description of flying the Comet racer in record flights.  
BN: 34551  

Clydesdale, Sdn Ldr the Marquess of Douglas & -   THE PILOT'S BOOK OF EVEREST -  Hodge 1st, 1936; 209pp, 53 photos; vg except corner of fep cut.

Another description of the flight over Everest, scarcer than that by Fellowes.  
BN: 27089  

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