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Thomas, Lowell  SIR HUBERT WILKINS -  his world of adventure.  Barker 1st, 1961/2; 278pp, 28 photos; near fine. 

Biography of the arctic explorer, who also participated in the "race" from England to Australia in 1919 and the Zeppelin round-the-world flight of 1929.    
BN: 29015    
Thomas, Lowell & E.Jablonski  BOMBER COMMANDER -  The life of James H.Doolittle.   S & J lst (UK) 1977; 368pp, 66 photos; fine, sl torn  d/w. 16.00  
Complete biography, but with accent on the WW 2 phase of Doolittle's career.    
BN: 25661    
Thomas, Sir Miles OUT ON A WING - an autobiography £15.00
M.Joseph 1st, 1964; 406pp, 16 photos, ;vg inc d/w.  Includes some WW 1 history. Author flew in the RFC in the Middle East, became a motoring reporter post-WW 1; organised munitions production in WW 2, later becoming Chairman of BOAC.  
BN: 24843  
Thomson, Adam HIGH RISK - The politics of the Air. £15.00
S & J 1st, 1990; 590pp, 33 photos; near fine inc d/w. Autobiography of Sir Adam Thomson, founder of British Caledonian Airways.  
BN: 27758  
Tredrey, Frank D. PILOT'S SUMMER - An R.A.F.Diary. 15.00
1st (reprinted 19141); 236pp, 8 photos; school prize plate at front, first title page foxed, spine faded;             ALSO - Tiger card-cover ednn,  2000 (from the 1939; 191pp, 20 photos, col 3-view drgs of RAF training aircraft;; nr fine.. (The celebrated description of RAF training ; Wittering, 1939).  nr fine - 8.00  
BN: 25162  
 Turner, Major C.C.  MY FLYING SCRAP BOOK -  Sampson Low 1st, c1945; 118pp, 10 illus; vg int, cloth sl soiled.   £18.00
 The first jounalist to learn to fly (in 1911), Turner describes his training, balloon flights to Sweden & Russia, the England-Capetown attempt of 1920 with Brackley, races, records & airlines pre-WW 2. Rather scarce.  
 BN: 24112  

Unishevsky, Vladimir  RED PILOT -  memoirs of a Soviet Airman.  H & B 1st, 1939; 260pp, 7 photos; vg.              15.00

Story of a pilot & a political system (Period 1932 to 1939).
BN: 21716


van Ishoven, Armand MESSERSCHMITT - der konstructor und seine flugzeuge

Neff, Berlin 1st, 1973;360pp, many photos; German lang; fine, vg d/w. The life and products of the aircraft designer.    
BN 29807 Also English language edn, Gentry Books, London, 1975; 25 x 19cm, 216pp, fine, good d/w - 12    

Vincent,A.v-M. S.E.  FLYING FEVER -  Jarrolds 1st, 1972; 192pp, 20 photos, 2 sketches by author; ex-lib, minor marks, cloth sl worn. 

Career memoirs - the only man to have shot down enemy aircraft from singleseaters in both wars.    
BN: 22299    
Wallace, Graham  THE FLIGHT OF ALCOCK & BROWN -  (14-15 June, 1919).  Putnam 1st, 1955; 312pp, 17 photos; near fine, sl chipped d/w. 14.00  
BN: 25662    
Ward, Harry & Peter Hearn THE YORKSHIRE BIRDMAN - memoirs of a pioneer parachutist. £14.50
Hale 1st, 1990; 189pp, 32 photos; fine, nr fine d/w. Well written biography of a fascinating career.  
BN: 24113  
Wells G.N. HEAD IN THE CLOUDS - 15.00
H & S (Australia) 1st, 1973; 253pp, 60 photos, ep maps; fine inc d/w. Starting with Australian National Airways, with Kingsford-Smith, the author served with Imperial Airways, TEAL & Air New Zealand.  
BN: 28799  

West, James E (Chief Scout Executive)  THE LONE SCOUT OF THE SKY -  

Boy Scouts of America, 1928; 275pp31 illus (mainly photos); near-vg.  Popular style version of the Lindbergh story so far.
BN: 30821

Wheeler, Air Comm. Allen  FLYING BETWEEN THE WARS -  Foulis 1st, 1972; 199pp, 31 photos; vg inc d/w.

Personal memoirs of author's RAF flying, 1925-29.


BN: 22050  
Williams, Neil AIRBORNE - £15.00
Airlife 1st, 1977; 175pp, photos & drgs in text; fine inc d/w.Stories from the author's wide experience as test & demonstration pilot, charter & competition aerobatic pilot. (He was killed ferrying a Heinkel to the UK from Spain).  
BN: 25663  
 Wood, Michael  GO AN EXTRA MILE -  the adventures and reflections of a flying doctor.  Collins 1982 reprint from 1978 1st; 160pp, 18 photos, ep maps; fine, nr fine d/w.  AUTHOR SIGNED  £18.00
Starting and running the Kenya flying doctor service.    
 BN: 28801  
Yeager, Gen. Chuck & Leo Janos YEAGER - an autobiography: £14.00
Century 1st UK, 1986; (from 1985 US 1st); 24 x 16cms, 342pp, 20 photos; fine, vg d/w. Story of the pilot of the first breaking of the sound barrier.  
BN: 22301  

Yeager, Jeana & Dick Rutan  VOYAGER -  the flying adventure of a lifetime.  Heinemann 1987/8; 24 x 16cm, 337pp, 81 photos (some col), ep route maps, glossary; fine inc d/w.

The story of Jeana Yeager & Dick Rutan's non-stop round-the-world flight of 1986 in the fantastic "Voyager".  
BN: 24111  

Young-James, Douglas  MEMOIRS OF AN ASP -  Spearman 1st, 1965; 20 x 14cm, 128pp, 11 photos; fine, nr fine d/w, AUTHOR-SIGNED. 

Biography covering 25 years in the RAF (from 1939); (A.S.P. is "Aircraft Stores Park").2  
BN: 28986  

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