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Russell, C.R SPITFIRE ODYSSEY - My life at Supermarines 1936-1957 - 15.00
Kingfisher 1st, 1985; 23 x 17cm, 160pp, photos;  fine inc d/w. Memoirs, mainly of the Supermarine workshops before & during WW 2.  
BN: 24393  
Russell, Sir Archibald A SPAN OF WINGS - an autobiography. £15.00
Airlife 1st, 1992; 202pp, 30 photos; fine, near fine d/w. Personal memoirs of a life in aircraft design - mainly at Bristols.  
BN: 27096  

Saint-Exupery, Antoine de  WIND, SAND AND STARS - Reader's Union, from  Heinemann 1954 (from1939 1st); 285pp;sketches in text; nr-vg,

 Folio Soc, 1990; fine in slip-case.
BN: 22291

Scharff, Robert & Walter S.Taylor   OVER LAND AND SEA -  a biography of Glen Hammond Curtiss.  McKay (New York) 1st, 1968; 310pp, 72 photos; vg inc d/w. (except selotape marks inside covers

Rather scarce.
BN: 28761

Seabrook, William H.  AIR ADVENTURE -  Paris - Sahara - Timbuktu:   Harrap 1st, 1933; 227pp, 31 photos; fine int, spine faded.

Story of flight with Rene Wauthier & Marjorie Worthington in Farman/Loraine 190.
BN: 22294

Sheil, F.O.Beau & Colin Simpson  CAESAR OF THE SKIES -  the life story of Sir Charles Kingsford-Smith.  Cassell 1st, 1937; 202pp, 33 photos; vg.

Career story by former Personal Assistant.
BN: 27102
Shepherd E.Colston GREAT FLIGHTS - £11.50
A & C Black, 1939; 232pp, 16 plates; vg Includes accounts of the flights of Hinkler & Balbo & the Wellesley record flight.  
BN: 21327
Simons, Martin GERMAN AIR ATTACHE - thrilling story of the German ace pilot & wartime diplomat Peter Riedel. £15.00
Airlife 1st, 1997; 272pp, 8 sketch maps, 29 photos; fine inc d/w. Gliding successes in Germany and the USA led to Riedel's appointment to the German military attache's staff; later life as a diplomat in Sweden and escape to Venezuela.                            
BN: 29179

Sims, Charles A.  CAMERA IN THE SKY -  Temple Press 1st, 1958; 23 x 16cm, 214pp, f.illus; fine, torn d/w. 

Autobiography of "The Aeroplane's" photographer, with many fine examples of his work printed on vg paper.
BN: 23439

Smith, Dick  THE EARTH BENEATH ME -  Dick Smith's epic journey across the world.  Angus & Robertson (Australia) 1st, 1983; 29 x 22cm, 254pp, many photos (mostcol), ep maps; fine inc d/w.

Finely illustrated accounts of solo Helicopter flight from America to Australia.

Smith, Frank Kingston  LEGACY OF WINGS -  The Harold F. Pitcairn Story.  Jason Aronson USA 1st, 1981; 26 x 18cm, 371pp, f.illus (photos, aircraft line drgs); fine, vg d/w.

BN: 28797
Stannage, John SMITHY - £15.00
Cumberlege 1st, 1950; 19 x 13cm, 120pp, 8 plates; vg, good d/w.rather scarce "sketch of Kingsford-Smith's flying career"  
BN: 20875

Sykes, Major-Gen Sir Frederick  FROM MANY ANGLES -  an autobiography.  Harrap 1st, 1942; 592pp, 16 photos, 6 maps/diags; vg+ inc d/w; AUTHOR SIGNED.

Early ballooning & flying led to Sykes being appointed to form the RFC before WW 1; he went to France with the first squadrons; appointed to lead the RNAS in the Dardanelles; after other military commands became Chief of the Air Staff, then the first Controller-General of Civil Aviation; an important history.
bn: 27258

Sykes,Pamela  THE RELUCTANT PILOT -  A lighthearted autobiography  

M.Joseph 1st, 1963; 160pp; vg, torn remains of d/w.  Story of wife who was persuaded to try flying training to cure her fear of her husband's private flying.
BN: 23193

Taylor P.G.  PACIFIC FLIGHT -  the story of the "Lady Southern Cross":  

Angus & Robertson 2nd,1935; 262pp, 24 photos, ep maps; vg+.  Kingsford-Smith's navigator tells the story of the flights of the Lockheed Altair.  
BN: 22295

Templewood,Viscount (formerly Sir Samuel Hoare)  EMPIRE OF THE AIR -  the advent of the Air Age: 1922-29.

Collins 1st, 1956; 319pp;nr fine, vg d/w  Development of air power & air communications during the first three of the author's four terms as Sec. of State for Air.
BN: 21214

Thomas, Lowell  THE FIRST WORLD FLIGHT -  Hutchinson 1st, c1925; 303pp, 90 photos, endpaper maps ;spinecloth torn but complete;  some foxing, mainly to page edges & title page,; o/w vg. 

Personal memoirs of Lowell Smith, Erik Nelson, Leigh Wade, Leslie Arnold,Henry Ogden & John Harding, of the flight by Douglas Cruisers, April-Sept 1924.  
BN: 23744

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