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Affleck, Arthur H. THE WANDERING YEARS - £14.00
Longmans 1st, 1964; 211pp, 29 photos, ep maps; fine, vg d/w. Mainly a personal account of the early development of commercial aviation in Australia and the Flying Doctor Service.  
BN: 24893  
Arnold, Gen H.H. (Chief of USAF, 1938-46) GLOBAL MISSION Hutchinson 1st UK 1951,(from 1949 original), ; 276pp, 33 photos; near vg (sl foxing to page edges)   
autobiography inc the WW 2 period. The author learned to fly with the Wright Brothers in 1911, served, reluctantly, in staff jobs in WW 1 & became c-in-c of the USAF in WW 2. 12.00
BN: 23416  
Baidukov, George OVER THE NORTH POLE - the "narrative" of the Russian non-stop flight from Moscow to the USA. £20.00
Harrap 1st (UK) 1938; 110pp, 18 photos, map; nr fine, sl torn d/w. Good, well-illustrated account of the supposed polar-route pioneer flight by ANT-25 (which Morrison has claimed was faked - see Morrison's "Short Cut to Fame"). Also - the card-cover "Russian Lindbergh" - see soft-back section.  
BN: 25873

Balfour,Harold, Lord of Inchrye  WINGS OVER WESTMINSTER -  Hutchinson 1st, 1973; 224pp, 21 illus; g-vg (top of front pages sl damp-marked); vg d/w

Life story of famous RFC pilot in WW 1, Under-Sec.of State for Air in 1938, involved in RAF expansion & senior diplomat thereafter; author of WW 1 classic "An Airman Marches".  
BN: 22067
Batten, Jean ALONE IN THE SKY - Airlife 1st 1979; 190pp, photos, drgs in text; nr fine inc d/w; . £30.00
Up-dating & lengthening of the text of "My Life", with nice added drgs by L.R.Williams.  , AUTHIOR-SIGNED  
BN: 23429
 Beamish, Richard J.  THE BOY'S STORY OF LINDBERGH, THE LONE EAGLE -  Winston (USA) 1st, 1928; 320pp, 32 photos, maps, diags;  vg  (cover picture sl rubbed but intact, title page sl foxed)  £18.00
 Rather scarce book describing Lindbergh's Atlantic flight.
 BN: 29474
Beamont, Roland  PHOENIX INTO ASHES -  Kimber 1st, 1968; 192pp, 29 plates; fine, vg d/w.  40.00
Beamont's early book, now scarce, describing his WW 2 career & the testing of Canberra, Lightning and the TSR-2 and containing some important history as well as being entertaining to read.
bn: 25209
Reimar Hobbing 1st, 1932; 148pp plus photo section of 42pp; vg except cloth has no titling & small piece cut from title page. German language story of E.B.'s world flight of 1931 (later translated as "Flying Girl").  
BN: 30029

Berg, A. Scott  LINDBERGH -  Macmillan UK, 1998 (from Putnam USA 1st of 1998); 628pp, 82 photos; fine inc d/w.

BN: 29319
Bergius C.C. SOEHNE DES IKARUS - die abemteuerlichsten fliegergeschichten der welt. £8.00
Bertelsmann, 1979; 19 x 13cm, 320pp; fine inc d/w. German lang. anthology of flying stories, including accounts by famous pilots.  
BN: 29861
Bertram, Hans FLUG IN DIE HOELLE - Bericht von der "Bertram-Atlantis-Expedition". £20.00
Drei Masken 1933 25 x 18cm, 204pp plus fold-out map, 177 photos; German Gothic; vg. Original German account of "Flight to Hell" (53 days of travel by Junkers seaplane from the Rhein to the Timor Sea and back). Also Kaiser 1951 edn (8vo, 232pp, 20 photos; nr fine inc d/w - £12.  
BN: 29810

Bird, Nancy  BORN TO FLY -  Angus & Robertson (Australia) 1st, 1962; 190pp, 30 photos; vg.

Biography of one of Australia's famous flying pioneers; includes many anecdotes about other lady pilots and stories of difficult flights.
BN: 28343

Birkby, Carel  AIRMAN LOST IN AFRICA -  Muller 1st 1938; 288pp, 36 photos; vg int, spinecloth sl faded & worn..

Story of 1933 search, across Africa in Koolhoven aircraft, for Carl Nauer and his Puss Moth; scarce.
BN: 22252

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