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Air Power

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                     I have put together this list of books, mainly from my own collection. Although there exist many other books on the subject, these listed here cover the study of air power, from the very limited early applications of aircraft in war, such as the balloons at the siege of Paris, through the rapid advances of WW 1, the struggle to create forces to combat the Nazi and other threats in the 1930s, the even greater advances of WW 2 and into the age of missiles and the nuclear threat. 

                  Throughout there have been discussions about the efficacy and the ethics of bombing, the debate on the justification for bombing centres of population v the more limited objectives of military target destruction     There have been further debates about the feasibility of air defence and the means to maintain it.                                                     

                 Technological developments have made possible effective tactical operations in support of land and sea forces and, later, strategic bombing by large forces, resulting in destruction on an unprecedented scale –and the atom bomb accelerated the trend.                                                         .                  Different aspects of the subject – and the widely differing opinions of the writers provide a remarkable picture of the evolution of the use of air power.

               Pricing has been based on relative rarity and the expectations seen on A.B.E and past sales records. The relative importance of books as serious records valuable for research has also been taken into account..



Arnold, Major Gen H.H. & Col Ira C.Eaker  WINGED WARFARE - Harper, New york 1st, 1941;265pp, 44 photos' ep maps; vg+ inc d/w.

Written before America's entry into WW 2, the book describes the development of the aeroplane as a factor of importance in war, cites the success, already, of the German blitzkrieg and the plans in the USA for military aircraft research and production  and for training of personnel..  
BN: 31942  

Bennett, Donald  FREEDOM FROM WAR -  Pilot Press Ltd, 1945; 17 x 11cm, 78pp plus 9pp of photos; nr fine, vg d/w.

A scarce book by the famous RAF leader and master navigator, calling for peace - to be maintained by an International "Law Force"  
BN: 31940  
Blunt, Flt Lt V.E.R. THE USE OF AIR POWER - £35.00
 1st US edn, Military Service Pub Co, 1943; 20x13 cms, 162pp, portrait photo; signed dedication by author (to "Wing Commander McArthur") vg inc d/w. This US edition adds some extra commentaries to the content of the original UK version of 1942.  

Christy, Joe AMERICAN AIR POWER - The first 75 years.  TAB Books, 1982; 24 x 20cm, 198pp, f.illus; vg (Owen Thetford bookplate and some very relevant photo cuttings added at front & rear (a fault or an interesting feature ?); sl chipped d/w.

BN: 30890(FA)  

Clark, Ronald W.  THE ROLE OF THE BOMBER -  S & J 1st, 1977; 25 x 19cm, 160pp, f.illus (some col); vg inc d/w. 

All nations & periods to date of publication covered.  
BN: 24977(FA)  
Collier, Basil A HISTORY OF AIR POWER - £14.00
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st, 1974; 358pp, 51 illus, 9 maps, biblio; fine, nr fine d/w.  Covers experience and lessons of WW 1 and WW 2 with much of the effectiveness of bombing and the justification for bombing non-military targets.  
BN: 22106  

Cooksley,Peter G.  SKYSTRIKE -  a history of the evolution of the military aeroplane  Hale 1st, 1980; 237pp, 78 photos, 30 line drgs; near fine inc d/w.

Good, readable short history giving some reminders especially of the early details.  
BN: 21758(FA)  
Divine, David  THE BROKEN WING -  Hutchinson 1st, 1966; 400pp, nr fine, vg d/w.  £12.00
A criticism of the Air Ministry specification & procurement policy inc much on both world wars.  
BN: 21826  

Doberer, Kurt  ON THE WAY TO ELECTRO-WAR -  Gifford, London, 1943; 19 x 12cm, 205pp, vg. 

Strange book forecasting ths possibilities of electricity as a weapon of war - foreword by Gen Albert Niessel, writer of a book "Les Rayons de la Mort" ("Death Rays")  
BN: 31936  
Douhet, Giulio  THE COMMAND OF THE AIR -  Reprint 1983 by Office of Air Force History; (trans from French original of 1921), 394pp, vg+. £7.50
 The original was a pioneering statement of the theories of air power, many of which were proven and implemented in later years, thus an important record for historians.  
BN: 21834  

Emme, Eugene M.  THE IMPACT OF AIR POWER -  National security and world politics.  Van Nostrand (USA) 1st, 1959; 914pp, maps & diags, comprehensive references; nr fine.

A monumental tome, describing the evolution of air power and a compilation of articles and quotations by famous leaders. E.g. Quotes Winston Churchill's memo of 1918 and other sayings of Churchill, Roosevelt, Hoover, Trenchard & Saundby; further chapters written by military leaders including an account of WW 2 in Europe & the Pacific; small wars & air control in undeveloped areas, the advent of the nuclear age, Soviet strategies, and current problems.  
BN: 31935  
Fedden, Sir Roy BRITAIN'S AIR SURVIVAL - £8.00
Cassell 1st, 1957; 19 x 13cms, 142pp, appendices, diags; fine, torn d/w. "An appraisement & strategy for success" (a cry about the aircraft industry), interesting in the context of Fedden's career story (see "By Jupiter").  
BN: 21122  

Golovine, Lt Gen N.W.  AIR STRATEGY -  Gale & Polden 1st, 1936; 114pp, maps, line drgs, tables etc; vg. 

Interesting theories, many fantastically wrong, in retrospect but some predictions on fighter design should have been heeded. A noteworthy book  
BN: 20954  
 Goodwin, Hal  AERIAL WARFARE -  New Home Library, New York, 1943; 273pp, drgs in text; good (vg int).  £10.00
A study of current WW 2 military aviation, seen from a 1943 American viewpoint.  
 BN  25224  

Grey C.G.  BOMBERS - Faber & Faber 2nd 1942; 19 x 13cm, 252pp, 41 photos; vg

Famous editor of The Aeroplane traces the development of the bomber through WW 1 & into WW 2; well illustrated.  
BN: 21112  

Groves, Brig Gen P.R.C.  OUR FUTURE IN THE AIR - A survey of the vital question of British air power.  Hutchinson, 1922; 19 x 12cm, 136pp plus (nice!) period adverts; vg except spinecloth torn approx 1" from top; scarce.

The author emphasises that the end of the first world war did not obviate the urgent need to maintain up-to-date and effective air defence.  
BN: 31933  

Groves, Brig Gen P.R.C.  OUR FUTURE IN THE AIR -  An up-to-date review of the airn situation, civil and military.  Harrap 1st, 1935; 19 x 13cm, 128pp, photo & map in text; fine, nr fine d/w.

A completely different book from the 1922 title, warning of the secret German development of its air force and the need to accellerate British aircraft production; also compares British civil airliners with the latest designs from elsewhere.  
BN: 31934  

Groves, Brig Gen P.R.C.  BEHIND THE SMOKE SCREEN -  Faber1st, 1934; 352pp, (unillus); nr fine (sl foxing to page edges only)

Noted author covers all periods; lessons learned from the 1914-18 Air War, with comments about the relative superiority of aircraft types; the use of aircraft in Iraq and the middle east (topical now!); he then discusses the best use of air power, the likelihood of further war, and the attitudes of various powers at the time of writing.  
BN: 31932  

Halley, James J.  THE ROLE OF THE FIGHTER IN AIR WARFARE -  Jenkins 1st, 1978; 25 x 19cm, 152pp, f.illus (some col 3-view drgs, photos); fine, sl torn d/w.

Covers period WW 1 to date.  
BN: 21944(FA)  

Hallion, Richard P.  STRIKE FROM THE SKY -  the history of battlefield air attack, 1911-1845.  Airlife 1st, 1989; 323pp, 94 photos, extensive notes & biblio; fine inc d/w.

A serious but readable study.of tactical support flying.  

Harper,Harry  THE AEROPLANE IN WAR -  Blackie, c1942; 224pp, 9 illus; vg.

covers pre-WW 1 to WW 2; Continuation of the title (but not the content!) from the author's 1912 book.  
BN: 21496(FA)  

Hebrard J  VINGT-CINQ ANNEES D'AVIATION MILITAIRE -  (1920-1945)  Editions A Michel, 1946/7; French language, 2 vols, Tome 1 "La Genese du drame Aerien de 1940" 291pp,
, maps, line diags (inc some nice aircraft sketches; Tome 2 "La Guere Aerienne 1939-1945" 479pp, similar; both vols finely bound in matching cloth & marbled paper on hard boards; ;

Vol 1 covers the German re-armament, French policy and equipment & the French Air Force developments; vol 2 analyses the tactics and aircraft types used by the allies during the war and the history in great detail. An attractive work.  
BN: 31540  

Hezlet,v-Adm.Sir Arthur  AIRCRAFT AND SEA POWER -  P.Davies 1st, 1970; 370pp, photos, maps; vg inc d/w.

1/3 of book on WW 1; continues through WW 2 to date - an excellent review.  
BN: 20976(FA)  
Higham, Robin AIR POWER - A concise history. £15.00
Macdonald 1972 1st; 282pp, 69 illus, maps, diags etc; fine inc d/w.  Development of military aviation over 60 years.  
BN: 20939  

Hyde, H.Montgomery  BRITISH AIR POLICY BETWEEN THE WARS, 1918-1939 -  Heinemann 1st, 1976; 539pp, 80 photos, extensive biblio; fine inc d/w.

Serious, detailed history.  
BN: 25449  

Johnson, J.E "Johnnie".  THE STORY OF AIR FIGHTING -  Hutchinson, 1985; 306pp,48 photos; fine, vg d/w.

Review of air fighting tactics, from WW 1 to the Falklands War, with illustrations of many of the leading participants.  
BN: 21688(FA)  

Kelsey, Benjamin S.(Brig Gen USAF, ret'd)  THE DRAGON'S TEETH - The creation of United States Air Power for World War II.  Smithsonian 1st, 1982; 148pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w.

The achievement of increasing annual aircraft production from 437 in 1934 to 96,318 in 1944.  
BN: 31886  

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