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Air Power

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Clark, Ronald W.  THE ROLE OF THE BOMBER -  S & J 1st, 1977; 25 x 19cm, 160pp, f.illus (some col); vg inc d/w. 

All nations & periods to date of publication covered.  
Collier, Basil A HISTORY OF AIR POWER - £14.00
Weidenfeld & Nicolson 1st, 1974; 358pp, 51 illus, 9 maps, biblio; fine, nr fine d/w.  Covers experience and lessons of WW 1 and WW 2 with much of the effectiveness of bombing and the justification for bombing non-military targets.  
BN: 22106  
Divine, David  THE BROKEN WING -  Hutchinson 1st, 1966; 400pp, nr fine, vg d/w.  15.00
A criticism of the Air Ministry specification & procurement policy inc much on both world wars.  
BN: 21826  
Fedden, Sir Roy BRITAIN'S AIR SURVIVAL - £8.00
Cassell 1st, 1957; 19 x 13cms, 142pp, appendices, diags; fine, torn d/w. "An appraisement & strategy for success" (a cry about the aircraft industry), interesting in the context of Fedden's career story (see "By Jupiter").  
BN: 21122  

Groves, Brig Gen P.R.C.  BEHIND THE SMOKE SCREEN -  Faber1st, 1934; 352pp, (unillus); nr fine (sl foxing to page edges only)

Noted author covers all periods; lessons learned from the 1914-18 Air War, with comments about the relative superiority of aircraft types; the use of aircraft in Iraq and the middle east (topical now!); he then discusses the best use of air power, the likelihood of further war, and the attitudes of various powers at the time of writing.  
BN: 31932  
Harper,Harry   THE AEROPLANE IN WAR -  Blackie, c1942; 224pp, 9 illus; vg. 5.00
covers pre-WW 1 to WW 2; updating of much older book with same title.  
BN: 21496  
Higham, Robin AIR POWER - A concise history. £15.00
Macdonald 1972 1st; 282pp, 69 illus, maps, diags etc; fine inc d/w.  Development of military aviation over 60 years.  
BN: 20939  
Kelsey, Benjamin S.(Brig Gen USAF, ret'd)   THE DRAGON'S TEETH -  The creation of United States Air Power for World War II.     Smithsonian 1st, 1982; 148pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. 15.00
The achievement of increasing annuHarper,HarryHarper,Harryal aircraft production from 437 in 1934 to 96,318 in 1944.  
BN: 31886  
Kilmarx, Robert A.  A HISTORY OF SOVIET AIR POWER  Faber 1st, 1962; 359pp, unillus, extensive notes; ex-lib with stamps on fep, o'w vg (rear cover sl loose) 8.00
History from 1917 onwards.  
BN: 41865  

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