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Airlines - softcover

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Airline Publications & Sales Ltd AIRLINERS -
Series of small booklets (20 x 14cm l'scape, c20pp each; set (mostly vg-fine) IN STOCK -  numbers 1,2,4,5,6,21,24 -  . side view col drgs showing current liveries & markings of each airline. 2 ea
BN: 30345  

Bao, Phil Lo  BEAline TO THE ISLANDS -  air services to distant communities by BEA, its predecessors & successors.  Kea Pub 2002; card covers, 25 x 17cm, 178pp; f. illus (some col); fine.

BN: 31747  


Jersey Artists, 2nd Imp, 1972; card covers, 58pp, photos; fine.  A pocket company history.  
BN: 28664
British Airways HIGHWAYS IN THE AIR - the story of British Airways. £4.50
British Airways 2nd, 1979; card covers, 44pp, photos, drgs, chronology; fine.  
BN: 28455  

Butler, Phil  LIVERPOOL - JOHN LENNON AIRPORT -  an illustrated history.  Tempus 2008 ((from 2004 original); card covers, 25 x 17cm, 192pp, f.illus; fine.

History from opening in 1933.  
BN: 31726  
 Cameron, Dugald  GLASGOW'S AIRPORT -   £8.50
 Holmes McDougall 1990; card covers, 28 x 21cm, 128pp, f.illus; vg.   
BN:  28162

Clegg, Peter  SWORD IN THE SKY -  Reminiscences of Midland & Scottish Aoir Ferries.  Author published, 1990; card covers, 30 x 21cm, 128pp, f.illus; nice cover picture by Miller; fine.

BN: 28161  

Clegg, Peter  WINGS OVER THE GLENS -  Reminiscences; GMS 1st, 1995; col card covers, 30 x 21cm, 192pp, f.illus; fine. 

Reminiscences of Northern & Scottish Airways, Western Isles Airways, Scottish Airways & founder, George Nicholson; super cover artwork, chronologies & individual aircraft histories.  
BN: 28457  

Cluett, Douglas, J.Nash & B.Learmonth  CROYDON AIRPORT, THE GREAT DAYS, 1928-1939 -  Sutton Libraries, 1980; card covers, 203pp, many photos; fine.

BN: 27005  
Collins, David H.   WINGS ACROSS TIME -  the story of Air Canada     Griffin House undated (c1978?); card covers, 26 x 21cm, 94pp, f.illus; fine. 9.50
Well-illustrated history from 1937  
BN: 31834  

Dickson, Charles C.  CROYDON AIRPORT REMEMBERED -  An Aviation Artist looks back.   Sutton Libraries, 1985; 63pp, 55 illus (mostly examples of the author'scartoons); near fine.

BN: 25565  

Jones A.C.Merton  BRITISH INDEPENDENT AIRLINES SINCE 1946 -  LAAS & Merseyside, 1976/7; The original 4-vol soft cover set; ; 30 x 22cm, 520pp inc separate index; many photos (some col); vg. 

BN: 22727  
Komons, Nick A. BONFIRES TO BEACONS - Federal Civil Aviation Policy under the Air Commerce Act, 1926-1938. £8.50
Smithsonian History of Aviation Series, 1989; card covers, 23 x 15cm, 454pp,extensive notes & a few photos & diags; fine. The organisation & regulation of Civil Air Transport in the USA.  
BN: 23575  
 Learmonth,Bob, J.Nash & D.Cluett  THE FIRST CROYDON AIRPORT 1915-1928 -   £6.50
 Sutton Libraries, 1977; 87pp, photos, maps, cartoons etc; near fine.  Picture of the activities at Croydon during WW 1 and after.  
BN: 22731  

Pickering,John  THE ROUTES OF THE VALKYRIES -  biog. of Kingsford Smith & Ulm, inc chronological record & philatelic list.    Picton 1977, 21 x 15cm, 94pp, maps, aircraft drgs, philatelic illustrations; fine.

Drawings of aircraft used in Australia as well as Kingsford Smith's career.  
BN: 22736  

John Player & Sons Cigarettes  AN ALBUM OF INTERNATIONAL AIRLINERS -  Undated (c1938?) 19 x 13cm, 20pp; set of 50 cards in publisher's album; vg int, covers sl dusty.

BN: 31864  
 Price, Bob.  LIFE ON THE AIRLINERS -  The remarkable low down on the high life.  Brooks 1991; 124pp ; fine.  £5.00
 Airline humour.  
BN:  24457  

Shell-Mex (Pub'r) KNOW YOUR AIRLINERS - early'50s; card covers, 19 x 15cm landscape, 64pp, col drgs, 3-view silhouettes; vg. .

 Full-page artists' impressions of current types, airline badges, fuel vehicles  
BN: 27007  
Smith, Henry Ladd AIRWAYS ABROAD - the story of American World Air Routes. £5.00
Smithsonian 1991 card-cover reprint of 1st of 1950; 355pp, unillustrated; vg. Covers the period from pioneer years to 1949.  
BN: 28448  

Stewart, Stanley  HEATHROW-CHICAGO -  (From the Flightdeck 1)  Ian Allan series, 1984 (2nd Imp, 1986); card covers, 24 x 17cm, 80pp, f.illus; vg.  

A "blow-by-blow" account of a Boeing 747 flight from Heathrow to Chicago with cockpit photos, graphics used in navigation, flight plans etc.  
BN: 31921  
 Waugh, Richard J. STRAIT ACROSS - The pioneering story of Cook Strait Aviation.  £9.00
 Author-pub., 1995; card covers, 30 x 21cm, 80pp, f.illus; fine.  
 BN: 30560  
Wilson, Ewan   DOGFIGHT -  the inside story of the Kiwi Airlines collapse.  Howling at the Moon prods, 1996; card covers, 170pp, 13 photos; fine. 5.00
BN: 28912  

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