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Allen, Roy  PICTORIAL HISTORY OF KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIR LINES -  Ian Allan 1st, 1978; 92pp, f.illus (photos, maps), fleet lists etc; fine, vg d/w with faded spine. 14.00
BN: 23835

Bloomsbury Pub.  RIDING THE SKIES -  classic posters from the golden age of flying.

Includes some attractive artwork.
BN: 28646
Brooks,Peter W. THE MODERN AIRLINER - its origins & development. £12.00
Sunflower Iniv. Press USA, 1982 (from Putnam 1st of 1961); 194pp, 38 photos, diags; some pages damp-crinkled. Much on the development of types & their selection by airlines.  
BN: 21918

Burden, William A.M.  THE STRUGGLE FOR AIRWAYS IN LATIN AMERICA -  Council on Foreign Relations, New York, 1943; 28 x 22cm, fold-out maps and an extra map in rear pocket; fine except 2 neat reference lib stamps ; scarce.

an attractively prepared analysis of the territories, existing lines & routes - also history to date inc aircraft photos - and future needs.
BN: 31906

Commercial Motor  AIR TRANSPORT MANUAL -  c1934; 184pp, photos of aircraft, engines & equipment; diags, data tables on engines & aircraft;

Good picture of current UK civil aviation.  covers sl soiled & chipped, vg int -
BN: 26723

Cramp, B.G.  BRITISH MIDLAND AIRWAYS -  Airline 1st 1979; 208pp, photos and charts throughout; fine inc d/w.

BN: 24319

Cuthbert, Geoffrey  FLYING TO THE SUN -  Quarter century of Britannia Airways, Europe's leading leisure airline.  H & S 1st, 1987; 30 x 22cm, 160pp, f.illus (photos, drgs); fine, vg d/w.

BN: 23860

Daley, Robert  AN AMERICAN SAGA -  Juan Trippe and his Pan Am Empire    Random House USA 1st, 1980; 529pp, 27 photos; comprehensive source notes, biblio; vg, good d/w

BN: 28091

Davies R.E.G.  A HISTORY OF THE WORLD'S AIRLINES -  O.U.P. 1964; 591pp, 72 plates (some with multiple photos), 52 tables, 95 figs; 11 other illus in text; vg.

Still a respected, well-illustrated & scarce reference book. Also another, vg (no d/w) - 30
BN: 27577
 Davies R.E.G.  PAN AM - AN AIRLINE AND ITS AIRCRAFT -  Orion USA, 1987; 29 x 22cm landscape; 90pp, photos, col side views drgs, maps, data; fine, inc d/w.   £16.00
 Unusual type of Company history, with aircraft type data as the focus.
BN:  25446
Smithsonian/Airlife 1st, 1987; 440pp, photos in text; fine inc d/w. Biographies of airline pioneers around the world.  
BN: 28435

Davies R.E.G.  BRITISH AIRWAYS -  An Airline & its Aircraft; Vol 1; 1919-1939; the Imperial Years.  Paladwr Press2005; 29 x 22cm l'scape; 110pp, f.illus (maps, diags, photos, col side view aircraft drgs; fine inc d/w 

Illustrated the pioneer airlines leading to the Imperial Airways pre-WW 2 period.
BN: 31972
Davies R.E.G.  DE HAVILLAND COMET -  the world's first jet airliner.   Paladwr Press USA 1st, 1999; 28 x 22cm l'scape; 64pp, pictorial (col side views); fine inc d/w 16.00
Well illustrated review of all marks and user-airlines.
BN: 30909
De Malglaive, E SKY GATE - the aviation photography of Etienne de Malglaive. £12.50
Airlife 1st, 1999; 30 x 22cm, 160pp, pictorial; fine inc d/w .Photographic studies of airliners & airports.
BN: 29190
Eather, Charles (Chic) E. SYD'S PIRATES - A story of an airline. £13.50
Durnmount, Sydney, 1983; 25 x 19cms, 342pp, maps, photos; nr fine, worn d/w. A comprehensive study of Cathay Pacific.  
BN: 22514

Grahame-White,Claude & Harry Harper  OUR FIRST AIRWAYS -  their organisation, equipment & finance.     J.Lane 1st, 1919; 185pp, 11 illus by Geoffrey Watson, frontis portrait of G-W; vg (pages sl browned), v clean cloth.

a thoughtful forecast of the problems expected in this newly possible aviation development.
BN: 21581

Grey C.G.  THE CIVIL AIR WAR -  Harborough 1945; 121pp; near fine.

Review of past & current civil transport development.
BN: 21832

Gunn, John  CHALLENGING HORIZONS -  Quantas 1939-1954.  Univ. of Queensland Press 1st, 1987; 25 x 19cm, 434pp, many photos in text ;Short flying boat col cutaways on feps; fine inc d/w.  

The second volume of the author's 3-volume history of Quantas - a fine production.
BN: 23870
 Gunston, Bill  DIAMOND FLIGHT - The story of British Midland.  Melland 1st, 1988; 25 x 19cm, 116pp, photos (most col), fleet lists, route maps; fine inc d/w.   12.00
BN:  23878
Hedges, David  THE EAGLE YEARS 1948-1968   TAHS, undated; 30 x 21cm, 172pp, f.illus (some col); fine 15.00
BN: 42403
Hudson,Kenneth AIR TRAVEL - a social history. £15.00
Adams & Dart 1st, 1972; 174pp, f,illus; fine inc d/w. Picture of air travel over the years, with good illus of aircraft interiors.  
BN: 20962
Hudson,Kenneth DIAMONDS IN THE SKY - a social history of air travel. £14.00
Bodley Head/BBC, 1979; 25 x 19cm, 240pp, f.illus (some col); fine, vg d/w. Although covering same ground as "Air Travel", a different book with different (and good) illus.  
BN: 21190

Instone, Alfred  EARLY BIRDS -  Air Transport Memories 1919-1924.  Western Mail & Echo, 1937; 19 x 13cm, 196pp, 32 photos; vg+. torn d/w

Good picture of the first British airlines.
BN: 25056
Jackson, Robert THE SKY THEIR FRONTIER - The story of the world's pioneer airlines & routes, 1920-1940. £16.00
Airlife 1st, 1983; 27 x 22cms, 160pp, f.illus; fine inc d/w. Really worthwhile, well illustrated book on civil aviation development, 1920 to 1940.  
BN: 22566
Macmillan, USA 1st, 1964; 302pp; vg. Safety & economic realities.
BN: 24699

Lewis, W.David & W.P.Newton  DELTA - the history of an airline.  

Univ. of Georgia Press 1st, 1979; 504pp, many photos, maps; extensive notes & biblio; fine inc d/w.   One of the most substantial & detailed of US airline histories; 
BN: 28770
 Lewis, W. David & William F Trimble  THE AIRWAY TO EVERYWHERE - a history of All American Aviation 1939-1953.  Univ. of Pittsburgh Press, 1988; 230pp, photos, diags, extensive notes & biblio; fine inc d/w.  £17.50
BN:  30649
Lobeck, A.K. AIRWAYS OF AMERICA £45.00
Guidebook No 1, The United Airlines.  Geographical Press, 1933; 207pp, 123 figs inc photos; folded map in rear pocket; fine except , one corner bumped.    207pp, 123 figs inc photos; folded map in rear pocket; AUTHOR-SIGNED ;  James Furman Kemp Memorial Series No.11, Guide book No.1. A geographical and geological description of the routes from New York to Chicago and San Francisco. Also another 1st edn, unsigned & with spinesplitting, o/w vg - 30.  Also - Kennikat Press (USA) 1970 reprint of 1933 original;  fine - £25  
BN: 22593

Lowell, Capt Vernion W.  AIRLINE SAFETY IS A MYTH -  Barthlemew House, 1967; 236pp, 27 photos, 25pp appendix of US Air Carrier accidents; ex-lib with marks inside front, o/w good.

An account of some US accidents of the period.
BN: 31967

Matthias, Joachim  KAMARADEN DER LUFT -  Erlebnise unserer Verkehrsflieger.  Reimar Hobbing, Berlin, 1938; 175pp plus 55 photos (mostly illustrating Lufthansa aircraft, routes etc). German lang, alt-Deutsch script; vg (spinecloth faded, pages v sl browned) 

The story of the pre-WW2 commercial airline flying in Germany. Intro by Milch.
BN: 31614
May, Gary THE CHALLENGE OF BEA - The story of a great airline's first 25 years. £14.00
Wolfe 1st, 1971; 23 x 21cm landscape; 175pp, f.illus (photos, some colour, and drawings), fine, vg  d/w.
BN: 24294

Owens, Charles A.  FLIGHT OPERATIONS -  a study of flight deck management.  Granada1st, 1982; 190pp, 21 plaztes, 11 figs; fine, d/w spine faded o/w vg; AUTHOR'S SIGNED DEDICATION.

BN: 31971

Power-Waters, Capt Brian  SAFETY LAST -  The dangers of commercial aviation - an indictment by an airline pilot.   Millington 1st, 1974; 264pp; fine, vg d/w.

BN: 31965

Pudney, John  THE SEVEN SKIES -  A study of B.O.A.C and it's forerunners since 1919.  Putnam 1st, 1959; 320p, 19 illus, ep maps; vg, torn d/w

The author traces the history of B.O.A.C and the pioneering routes through India, Australia and the African continent.  ;ALSO - another example, vg, fair d/w2;SIGNED BY SIR DOUGLAS BADER - 50
BN: 22637

Ramsden J.M.  THE SAFE AIRLINE -  McD & J 1st, 1976; 231pp, 20 photos; fine, sl torn d/w.

Study of safety factors & problems in airlines.
BN: 27284

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